Friday, May 15, 2009

3rd Mother's Day Giveaway

Today's giveaway is courtesy of Karin from Mellow Yellow Soap Company.

"Mellow Yellow Soap Company was created out of a passion for all things natural and genuine and in response to my experience with having a baby/child with very sensitive skin. While I really enjoy the fragrances and colors found in many soaps available online, I wanted to create soaps that were free of artificial dyes and fragrances."

I have a sample of Karin's soaps from when I bought some of her Domino Pads and I love it! Once it's gone I want to buy some more.

This Mom's Basket includes basket, 1 Vegan Cocoa unscented (but has a nice natural cocoa butter aroma), 1 Goat's Oats and Bees Bar, 1 Milk & Honey Face Bar, 1 Honey Almond Lip Balm, and a wooden soap dish to keep your soap dry.

What do you need to do to enter the giveaway?
Just leave a comment telling me what you love most about being a mother. (Make sure you stop by Mellow Yellow Soap Company too!)

Who is eligible for the giveaway?
Everyone! If you want to increase your chances of winning just follow my blog! All my blog followers who enter will be given an extra entry.

When does this giveaway end?
This lovely giveaway will end at midnight. The winner will be announced tomorrow.


Jo said...

I love that when you ask my daughter her favorite thing about me, she always says: "She loves me and takes care of me".

I didn't have the greatest childhood and had a mom who wasn't around much. Knowing that my daughter feels so secure and loved makes me very very happy.

jennifer0818 said...

I love it when I get the sleepy snuggles, play time and of course the looks that say I love you momma... (my girls are too young to talk)

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite things I love are waking up to her first thing in the morning, her sweet smiles and laughter and the way she blows kisses when you ask her to say bye-bye

megan said...

Hi Holly...
Mostly I enjoy reading your blog but I had to jump in when I saw the soaps! And the question what do I love most about being a mom? I love that I have someone to hug me everyday and that loves me so much I love that my children think Im funny (hoping they think that for years to come)....I love to think about old age and my three children taking care of there mom they way I have cared for them.

Jennifer Doiron said...

I want to say everything but the truth is not everything I love! But I think the greatest thing I love is my sons hugs and kisses. Alexander is 15 months old and the other day woke up from his nap wanting to be picked up. Now Alexander is over 27 lbs and i can't carrying him all the time but I did give in. That is when he threw his arms around my neck and hugged me. He gave me his first real hug. That was the great thing that has happened so far in his young life. When the days are depressing or blah I turn to this little gift and thank God for his little smiles, kisses and hugs!


Alyson said...

Some of the best things about being a mama, are...

Rocking your sleeping babies, smelling their sweet skin, running your fingers through their soft and delicate hair and kissing their little foreheads.....All is right with the world at that moment....Anything that was troubling you earlier that day....It doesn't seem to matter anymore.....

Also, the UNCONDITIONAL love!! I'm not perfect,....I get Avery mad, by forcing him to eat sometimes,....I put him in his jumper instead of letting him crawl around sometimes so I can have a moment of sanity, ......I can put Evan into time out numerous times in a day, I can take away his favorite toys and not let him stay up so he can watch a special movie, but yet Evan will still say to me, "Mommy you are the beautifulest woman!! and you know what?!....I love you Mommy!".....And as far as Avery goes, he'll give me super duper snuggles and yell "Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma" and reach his arms out to grab me :0)

Another moment is just hearing all of the funny things that your kids just randomly say and all of the cute, funny, and "mysterious" pictures they draw JUST FOR YOU!!!.....Those things they say and do that stop you dead in your tracks and make you say, "How cute is that?!"

Camille said...

For the most part being a stay at home working mom is pretty unglamorous. I definitely don't require the same maintenance I was did when I left for work everyday. However, my little girl has a way to make me feel fabulous everyday:

* When I throw a hairband in my hair she is always quick to point out my fantastic "Crown."
* As my baby grows the shirts get larger and she is always there to point out how much she likes my "dress."
* I brush my hair in no special way, but she tells me it is pretty.
* I put on a dress and I am automatically an "Ah-ha" also known as a princess.
* I am the best doctor I have ever met, my kisses fix anything.
* Little tasks are always worth a round of applause. Sometimes I need that after cleaning the bathroom.
* I have a singing voice that will bring out the biggest smile.
* I should probably open a restaurant because anything I make is "mmmmmm....thanks Mommy!"
* My eye lashes are so mesmerizing.
* Even the smallest sneeze requires to make sure I am okay.
* Everything I do is greeted with a "Thank you!" I am very appreciated!
* She remembers my "ouches" and always brings a Kleenex with her to check on them.
* She knows when I need a hug.
* Everyday she lets me know why my Masters degree is perfect where it is tucked away because it couldn't get me a better job than the one I have right now.

Nickel Pickle said...

What I love the most about being a mom is seeing the sweet smiles on the face of my children when I walk in the door, the sweet look on their face when they are sleeping, and the way it feels when they hug me as tight as they can. Melts my heart!

Those soaps look wonderful! I LOVE organic things. Neat.


Nicole Mommy to Logan.

Stuart and Tashia Uken said...

It is very hard to pick out just one thing I love a bout being a mom. Hearing my 2 year old daughter say wuv you. (love you). It is so precious everyday to see how she changes and how much she learns everyday. I am very blessed to be able to stay at home with her and to see her personality come out and blossom is just amazing to me. How much they rely on you and need you. When she has an ouchie Daddy just isn't enough, she needs mommy to kiss it. Being a mom is a wonderful thing.

Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh Holly, I love natural soaps! :) So, here I go!

What do I love most about being a mother?

Just being a mother - that's all. I just praise God that he has let me be a mother. I acknowledge it as a gift that I'm unworthy of. My heart hurts for those who aren't able to have children and want them so desperately.

Hope I win! (But honestly, I'm not a very "lucky" person when it comes to contests! ha!)

I was here looking for your Carleigh bike run benefit but saw this first. So, I'm off to look for that next.

Have a lovely day. Oh, and I love that picture of you. I take pictures off center on purpose. Gives them more pizazz! :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite thing about being a mom is watching my girls grow and learn about the world. I love being able to introduce them to new things and show them how things work. Mostly I just love watching them play and be kids because I know that they will be grown up (or at least think they are!) too soon.

Dawn Baker (bakersd79 from CM)

Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

I LOVE BEING A MOM!! I love watching my children learn new things every day!! Its so fun to see how smart they are! II love when the just hug me and give a kiss for no reason. I have a saying in my girls room and i says..
"The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child"

That is just so true!!

Take care

MommyIvy said...

My favorite things are waking up in the morning to hugs and kisses, watching them grow and learn, having unconditional love and knowing I am someones hero.

croleyc69 said...

Wow I would have to say that I thank the Lord for letting become a Mother. I always had so many problems when I was younger with my female stuff. Doctors told me I could never carry a child. Well in Feb 2000 I went to the E.R for a very bad backache & in a hr I gave birth to a baby boy.I had no idea I was pregnant & I was 35 no prenatal care & I was scared. We both were fine & I still remember the first time I held him, words cannot even say what I felt. I guess I would also have to say just those smiles & all the little things they do. Kids have so much love to give that it is so awesome. Being a Mother is the most wonderful job you can have it takes alot of work but the rewards are great. HUGS !!!! Caroline

Brindy H. said...

What do I love about being a mom? This is a very easy question. The things that most people don't enjoy doing. Listening to them cry, changing diapers, temper tantrums. I know that this sounds odd but after three miscarriages, the sound of my 14 month old and 1 month old crying is one of the best things I have ever heard. Not for the fact that they need something but for the fact that they can, that I am needed, wanted, that I can be their wonderwoman on a daily basis by just warming up a bottle or kissing a boo-boo. The same goes for diapers and tantrums. Knowing that they are having normal diapers patterns is a calming thing for me. Knowing that they are getting enough to eat to be healthy.

This is why I love being a mom!
Thank you for listening!

Brindy (Kina2308-from CM)

Kate said...

What I love most about being a mother is knowing that Eric and I, along with God, created this little girl. I actually had a hand in that! I love that she wakes up happy, and calls me ma-ma. I love that she still thinks its cool to kiss and hug me bye-bye. I love that she looks like her dad, and acts like him too. I mostly love that God has trusted me enough to raise Molly in the way that she should go! I also love her sensitive skin-hint, hint, the soap would be great!!

imhisbooboo said...

My favorite thing about being a mom is having my sweet lil boy randomly come up to me and give me hugs and big slobbery kisses.

sphinx63 said...

What I love about being a mother is even after a long hard day, your child hugs you and says, "I love you!" Thanks!

Carol said...

Every time we go to bed, every time I leave the house or she leaves the house, we both say..."love you". Priceless. CArol

Aunt Becky said...

Holly ,
First I want to tell you how much I love your blog and admire your strength and your ability to write. Kyndra is a very lucky little girl to have you for a Mommy and a precious angel sister Carleigh looking over her..

What I love about being a Mom?? Hmm.. almost everything. I've been a Mom full time since my first daughter was born 29 years ago. Since then I've given birth to two more children, adopted 5 daughters and fostered 86 children in the past 16 years.. I now am also blessed with 3 beautiful grandchildren . Even though there have been many trials along the way ,,, The whole picture is my awesome life as a Mom.. The best part now is watching my own daughter "love" being a Mom to my grandbabies.. It means my job was well done......
Bless you Holly and keep blogging. Praying for your future babies, I feel like your arms will be full!!!!

becky b.

yunglovers143 said...

I love everything about being a mother. I love when I go into his room first thing in the morning to get him up and he smiles as soon as I walk in the door. I love watching him learn new things everyday. I love when he reaches out for me to hold him. Just thinking of him makes me want to burst from all the love I have for him.

Anonymous said...

My son is the reason that I was born. There were many nights, during our 3 and a half year journey to conceive him, that I would ask the Lord to tell my child that we were patiently waiting for him. And every morning I would wake up, and thank the Lord for giving us another day to look forward to eventually holding our baby.

Just 42 weeks and 6 days ago I became pregnant with our son, and became a mother when the Lord granted me the child I had prayed for. And at just 2 weeks and 2 days old, every moment spent looking in his face reminds me that with God anything is possible.

My son is my everyday miracle.

(EmilyAnn0501 from CafeMom)

Andi Soergel said...

My children are are so unique and wonderful! I love hanging out with Amelia Grace because she is my only little girl. She's nine now and we have so much fun doing things together. I love my middle son, Owen, because he is lovey-dovey and so kind. He is a great big brother. I love my little Haven William because he has taught me lessons that have changed me. I love my baby boy, Wilson Beck because he is hilarious and such a joy. I can't believe my "baby" is 4! I am so blessed to be a mama. I have a degree in Education but the job I wanted since I was a little girl is being a mom and I am blessed beyond words!!
I love following your blog, Holly!

Amy B said...

OH wow. I think God has sent me to your blog because this question hits home with me tonight. I am having a hard mommy time right now. My oldest son is in the hospital ..and has spent too much time there with his last operation being brain surgery being number 18. Mommyhood has taken a toll on my heart this week.
So let me tell you this..what I LOVE about being a mom is the HOPE and FAITH I feel for our future. I am a mom to 4 children. I am a tad tired and emotional worn down..and yet my 4 year old has me laughing so hard today that for a few minutes I felt all was pefect in the world and my worries were lifted. Not any amount of rest, sleep, or meds has done that. BUt a few sweet minutes with my youngest child helped me ease my worries of my oldest child.
Being a mom is all I have some days and I feel so blessed to have God trust me to take care of his beautiful little beings.
Wow I am emotional.

Amy B said...

BTW I am a follower..

Jennifer said...

I love it when my daughter first wakes up from a nap or sleeping at night and I'm the only one she wants. Momma has to hold her before she's ready to do anything. I, also, love it when my 5 1/2 year old boy gets all lovey and just wants to sit on my lap and be held like he did when he was younger.

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