Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another little girl!!

Today I am 15 weeks so I went back to US this morning to see if we could tell if I am having a boy or a girl. Well, it looks like we are gonna have another lil girl running around! We both thought it looked like a girl since the 3 lines were visible but Kylee said to come back again next week and we'd check again to be sure. I know Anthony is disappointed b/c he wanted a boy but I am really excited to be having another girl! So now we need to narrow down the names we have picked out.

Kyndra is still her spunky self. She crawled up the stairs the other day trying to get to me. She does it really well! Tonight is trick-or-treat and we'll take her to a couple of our neighbor's houses and then pass out candy the rest of the night. We don't get a whole lot of trick-or-treaters so we give them lots of candy!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

OB Appointment #3

Today I had my 3rd OB appt. I am 13 weeks along. My weight was 106, BP 90/60, and pulse 80. Everything is looking good! I declined the cystic fibrosis screening and the nuchal translucency US. I asked about getting my flu shot 1st week in Nov and I am good to go! She said as long as I'm not in the 1st trimester it is fine. By next appt I need to decide if I am going to do the Quad screening, which is for spina bifida, Down's syndrome, and Trisomy 18, and other defects. My baby's heart rate was good-it was 156. She also measured my uterus but there's not a whole lot to measure right now!

Work is going well for me. It's been kinda slow but no complaints there! I've kept my radiation exposure down pretty well but of course I'm not doing as many patients since I found out I about being preggo. My pregnancy is going well. I've been feeling great and my appetite is coming back so hopefully I'll quit losing weight. My belly is popping out faster this time around and I'm getting more symptoms earlier! No worries! I'm just hoping no problems w/ this pregnancy like the last time. This baby better behave. Anthony and I are currently deciding on names too.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

12 week ultrasound

Here are some ultrasound pics of our baby at 12 weeks!

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