Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Impromptu visit

Today was a really nice day outside. It was warm and sunny with a slight breeze. On my way to pick up Kyndra after work I decided that I wanted to go to the cemetery and visit Carleigh's grave. It was the perfect day to do so and my mood was really good.

So I picked up Kyndra and we headed on out there. I was really hoping that her marker would be up but as you can see.....it wasn't. (Sorry for poor picture quality-I took them on my cell.)

However, it looks like they plan on laying the foundation pretty soon. They have a rectangular area spray painted white. Of course, I am just assuming that is where it is going to go. I hope the next time I visit at least the foundation is down. It would be even better if her marker were up.

I found that the pinkish rose I placed on her grave on Mother's Day was still there. It was buried in the grass so I got it out and placed it on top. The leaves are brown on it but the pretty pink color of the rose was still mostly present.

I put Kyndra down and let her wander around in the grass. She had fun walking around and even went over to Carleigh's grave and just looked at it.....and then fell on it. Clumsy girl. :)

We enjoyed spending a little time with our Carleigh on such a nice day.

And here's those horses that were present on the day of Carleigh's burial.

After our visit was finished we went back into town and dropped some things off at the Clinton County Women's Center and I got to see Holly and Sheila. Sheila and I talked for a little bit and then Kyndra and I left to head to the bank and then home.

Thank you, Lord, for such a beautiful day!


Jennifer said...

Holly--- To see that they are almost ready to put up her markder can't wait until we can see it. God bless for the great day that he gave you to see Carleigh.
We miss you Carleigh and we love you.

Celia said...

I think that your visit today sounds just lovely. As I said on FB, that is the one thing about having Noah cremated that I kind of regret...a quiet place to sit and talk to him and just be with him. I suppose I can take his urn with me somewhere..??? :-)

BTW, I wanted to tell you about my blonde moment. When I saw your post about your bike run, I thought to myself, "how lovely that they are riding their bikes for Carleigh...Their 10-speeds that is!" I knew that you rode motorcycles but, my slow brain being so slow, did not put 2 & 2 together on that one!

Just thought I would give you a laugh for today.. ;-)

Mom Putnam said...

My daughter katrina thought the same thing Celia, till I told her it was motorcycles! The pictures are nie and Kyndra maybe was falling , I'd like to think she was giving her sister a hug. Love you-Mom

Andi Soergel said...

What a sweet big sister your Kyndra is! I'm glad you had a nice day! I'll be looking for pictures of Carleigh's marker-hope it comes soon!

Misty said...

What a beautiful place to visit. I mean it. I LOVE horses and farms and open land...

Brooks said...

I'm grateful you have some peace. Kyndra is such a gorgeous little girl. she's looking more and more like you all the time.

Christina said...

I can't wait to see the marker too. It must be pretty big...from the looks of the area they marked. I think it's very SWEET that you take Kyndra there. {made me a little teary eyed}

Betty said...

I can't believe they STILL dont have that up! WOW. I didnt realize how long it took. I'm glad you guys had a great time with Carleigh! I love that picture of Kyndra with her...looks like she is hugging her!

croleyc69 said...

Such a nice day, nice to see that it won't be long til the marker is up. I bet it will look nice. The horses remind me of where my father was laid to rest. There was a amish farm nearby. It was on a hill & when you looked from the spot we had you could see for miles. Anyway thinking of you & so nice you & Kyndra could have a special time together. Prayers & HUGS !!

Kat (DrusMom) said...

Kyndra is so beautiful!

Nickel Pickle said...

I hope her marker is up next time hun!

Alissa said...

Kyndra is such a beautiful big sister!

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