Monday, April 30, 2012

It was going to be hers

A few days ago I pulled some scrapbooks out of the closet to scan some pictures and in putting one of the scrapbooks away I found something I wasn’t expecting. It was a baby book. In fact, it was the baby book I had bought for Carleigh. I had gotten it before we knew she was a boy or a girl and intended to use it regardless.


Of course, it turned out I was never able to use it. I must have tucked it away intending to perhaps use it for another one of our children but it became forgotten and was stored for almost 4 years.

Now that it is out of hiding this baby book will actually be used. Not by me, as I already bought a baby book for Evanee but I am going to give it to my sister for her baby that is due in October. It seems only right that this book should be written in as it was intended.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


I’ve been reflecting a lot lately. I think mostly because so many of my friends have been celebrating the birthdays of their precious babies. They have made it through another year of life without their baby/babies and it seems so unfair. Then I think how we just celebrated Carleigh’s 3rd birthday. How has it been 3 years? I won’t lie, it has gotten easier and I’m glad for that but it still sucks a lot sometimes though. Like the times when a song comes on and it totally takes me back. Or when an innocent stranger asks about my kids. Even when I look at my girls who seem perfectly spaced in age yet what people don’t see is the little girl who isn’t there. These moments can tear at your heart. I know those who have been there get that.

I guess I’m just missing her more lately. For no reason other than I just am.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A sweet charm from a friend

My friend Sue from My Forever Child sent me a lovely butterfly charm around Carleigh’s birthday. It was such a sweet gift and it is a beautiful charm (pic isn’t that great to show it!). I’m not quite sure what I will do with the charm yet. I have thought about making it into a necklace with some other charms but I still have not decided. So for now I have it tucked away until I am sure.

Thank you Sue!!!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SGM auction results

The SGM online auction to benefit Sufficient Grace Ministries was a great success again this year. The amount raised through the winning bids was $2,115, which slightly surpassed last year’s amount. Of course, the actual amount Sufficient Grace will end up receiving will be slightly less just like last year too considering some bids will not be fulfilled plus paypal fees but I am still extremely happy with how it turned out.

I’m still in the process of getting the last of the money collected and items sent out. It’s definitely been a lot of work but it was much easier this year I think compared to last year to keep track of everything.

I want to thank every person, business, and organization that donated to the auction. Without all of your donations the auction would not have been as successful as it was. Thank you for helping Sufficient Grace Ministries to continue to reach out to grieving women and families!

Those who donated are:

Kelly Gerken
Ashley Fredrickson
Katrina Brooks
Sara Wendt
Deborah Pucci
Tracey Schwiebert
Judy Haas
Linda Putnam
Jillian Richards-Beck
Ian Melchor
Rob Burner
Mattie Wells
Maryline Coste

Beth Martin of Beach Glass Shop
Holly Cart of Stitched By Hand
Misty Nielson of Writing on the Wall
Celia Barnes of In Our Hearts Photo Pendants
Erin Foster of Irish Eyes Photography
Shannon Amador of StrengthAndCourage
Mindy Hubenthal of The Hook and Hammer
Raechel Feehan of Captured Images Photography
Ivy Welch, Independent Scentsy Consultant
Sue Mosquera of My Forever Child
Lynsey Davis from Coastal Reflections
Carol Escalante of The Styling Center in Deshler, OH
Cindy of Cindy's Cozy Covers
Jenny Less of Project Palmer
Amy Hall of Katie’s Fighters
Jennifer Sanchez of Jennie’s Crafts

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Babies

♥ Remembering April Babies ♥

Alex ~ April 2, 2009
Kayden ~ April 6, 2009
Audrey ~ April 7, 2008
Isaac ~ April 8, 2009
Laken ~ April 8, 2010
Kael ~ April 12, 2008
Vanessa ~ April 12, 2010
Sophie & Aiden ~ April 13, 2009
Blaine ~ April 13, 2010
Connor ~ April 14, 2009
Camron ~ April 14, 2009
Chase ~ April 14, 2009
Cherry ~ April 14, 2010
Seth ~ April 16, 2009
Thuong ~ April 16, 2009
Lachlan ~ April 17, 2009
Jordan ~ April 17, 2010
AnnaBella ~ April 18, 2010
Emily ~ April 19, 2011
Rosalynn ~ April 20, 2010
Carys ~ April 21, 2011
Chase ~ April 22, 2011
Sophia & Ellie ~ April 25, 2009
Jonah ~ April 26, 2009
Ayden ~ April 27, 2009
Naomi ~ April 27, 2009
Valentina ~ April 27, 2010
Ethan ~ April 28, 2009
River ~ April 30, 2009

If your baby's name is not on this list and you'd like it added please leave a comment.
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