Saturday, May 09, 2009

God brought us some friends

Recently I had the opportunity to meet a mom on Anencephaly Support who lives near to me. (She's close to where you're at Ashley!) Her name is Jenny and her husband is Josh. They lost their daughter, Kayden, on April 6, 2009 at 40 weeks. She was with them for 3 hours.

Now I do not believe it is coincidence that we just happened to meet. I think God brought us together. I really do! We've talked on the phone a couple times and I learned that they go to a Nazarene church too! Are you kidding me!? What are the odds of that!? Today we met Josh and Jenny in person. They were heading to a Reds game in Cincinnati so we met up at Bob Evans in Wilmington. It's so great to meet another Christian family in person who knows exactly what you're going through and how you feel. (Celia, I promise some day we will! Kathleen mentioned doing a big get-together some time and I think that would be really awesome!)

Let me tell you they are super nice! We ate lunch and talked. (I got biscuits and gravy.) We shared our experiences and feelings with each other. We were just like any other parents bragging about their children. :) It felt very comfortable to me.

Kyndra decided to act up a little but only because she was tired. Poor girl hadn't gotten a good nap in yet. She definitely didn't show her best side! (Way to make a first impression, Kyndra. lol)

I know for sure we would like to get together with them again. (I hope they feel the same!) Thank you, Lord, for bringing us together with such great people!


Katrina said...

How awesome!! God works in mysterious ways doesn't he? I'm so glad you were able to meet someone who is able to comprehend what you and Anthony are going through. How amazing, I'm so in awe of how God works. I'm sure Kyndra was an angel!! Aunt Trina still loves you Kyndra! Well hopefully you all can stay in touch and become close friends. Love ya!!

Celia said...

I think that is so very wonderful that you were able to meet up! I wish that I had someone close like that (and maybe we do but I just need to reach out!)

I am glad that you had a good time together and were able to talk and remember Carleigh and Kayden! HOw wonderful!

And I am definitely game for a gathering of all us on the Anencephaly Support group as well as the ABFA group! That would be totally awesome!

Emily said...

I do think there are reasons we meet certain people at certain times. Thanks for sharing this ;0)

Michelle said...

i'm so glad you've got some friends who understand what you're going through - although i haven't gone through something as hard as you, i HAVE gone through 11 years of abuse & being kidnapped followed by a host of issues, and i know that being around other survivors always made it a little easier. :-)

so... i have a question... and i'll probably sound stupid & random but oh well. on your blog (and those of others in your situation or similar) i read a lot about "grief." about how they're frustrated, annoyed, etc. with how people handle it. so... i'm asking how to handle it. i don't want to assume that what you went through is just like dealing with anything else - normally, when a friend goes through something, i simply ask if they want to talk about it and go from there. is that a good thing to do, or is there some reason i'm not aware of that i should NOT just ask and let it follow from their answer? i'm one of the people who would rather "ignore it" in conversation simply because i'm afraid i'll make them feel worse at a time they're not outwardly struggling. that doesn't mean i'm truly ignoring it - it's in my head, on my heart, in my prayers - but i don't always know how to act on that. hearing "i'm sorry" ALWAYS makes me angry when i've lost someone, but that may just be me. any advice? i know everyone's different, but i'd like your take on this.

praying for you,

Mom Putnam said...

How wonderful for you honey. I hope you have the opportunity to meet again and maybe get the chance to meet more moms. god has a purpose for everything and everyone. love you and miss you. Happy Mother's day.-xoxoxo

Kate said...

I am so excited for you and Anthony! How wonderful to have friends who get it. God is awesome and works in wonderful ways! What great fun and Bob Evans, seriously, yum!

stitchndeb said...

That is really incredible that you've met someone close who has so much in common with you! Awesome God, awesome! I haven't eaten at Bob Evans since I lived in Orlando years ago, lucky you. ~Debbie

Anonymous said...

That would be such a great way to see others who have and are going through the same thing. A get together to share would be neat I hope you can do this for all who have gone through the same as you did. If you do maybe you can do this as a yearly thing and always mark the date so many can come. Goodluck if you can do this for others. You are such a wonderful person Holly I love you so much.
Aunt Nancy

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