Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Memory Box

Thank you to the many wonderful offers for Carleigh's memory box. My Aunt Becky and Uncle Buck have offered to make Carleigh one and I have taken them up on their offer. I'm sure you can understand it means more to have someone in the family make it. My aunt and uncle are the same ones who made Carleigh's toy box (which I will post about later) and it is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to get it and put all of Carleigh's keepsakes in it. I hate that they are all over the floor right now.


Anonymous said...

Well Carleigh's toy box is absolutely perfect and great looking! How nice of them to make her keepsake box too! I know it will be beautiful!


Celia said...

That is so very nice that they are doing that for you. I can't wait to see her memory box or her toy box. I can imagine in my head that they are just beautiful.

And thank you for your comments on my thoughts this morning. I felt so very tormented earlier because I had yet again woken to horrible dreams. I have had them for years. I can't explain them in words on paper as well as I can with speaking about them. Somehow they don;t translate to quite the same experience on paper as they do when I talk about them. I literally feel "hunted". But they had improved for a time and I was not dependent on sleep medication in order to keep from dreaming. Now they are back and it is horrible. I have tried sending prayers up and rebuking them in Jesus's name. And I feel better afterwards but still usually wake up some time later feeling terrorized. It is to the point that I have to be drugged for fear that I will hurt myself. (I tend to spring from the bed and run into things in my fear & attempt to get away).

I want you to know that your comments, your blog, your emails on the group have been the most helpful to me. I know you must be feeling such pain but yet you continue to reach out to me and the other mothers. It is a true testament to your faith and compassion. I really do feel God some of the time...But this morning I was just feeling really low.

So thank you for continuing to reach out and help! I want you to know that it does...so very much!

The McDaniel's said...

That is awesome! I am so happy that they are making it for you and that it means so much to you!

Sarah (Lovemy918-CM) said...

Thats awesome! Coming from family does mean alot!

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