Thursday, April 09, 2009

2 week check-up

Today at 10:45 am I had a 2 week check-up with Dr. F. Normally I wouldn't have had one so soon but she scheduled it to make sure I was doing ok. My mom and Kyndra went with me because afterward we were going to go to the outlet mall to do some damage. My mom stayed in the waiting room with Kyndra while I went back. Did the normal weight, BP, and pulse. My weight right now is at 110 lbs. Just a pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Not too shabby. However, I'll have to keep a close eye on it because I don't want to lose too much. I lost 10 lbs breastfeeding Kyndra and since I'm pumping for my cousin Amber I'd rather not lose that much this time around.

Went back to my little room and waited for Dr. F. She came in and she asked how I was doing and just verified she wanted this check-up to make sure I was handling everything ok. Honestly, I am. I haven't had even an inkling of any depression whatsoever and I figured I wouldn't. She asked when Carleigh's service was and all that. She also asked how I was recovering physically. My recovery has been really great. Not much pain or bleeding at all. She asked if Duke got all the samples ok and I told her they did. She also wondered if the samples had been adequate and I told her Heidi said they were good. Dr. Fauley was worried maybe she didn't get enough cord blood because Carleigh's umbilical cord and placenta were smaller than normal. This is probably why Carleigh wasn't growing well inside me. It actually makes me feel a little relieved that it wasn't anything I did but rather something I couldn't control.

I asked Dr. F about folic acid. I wondered if a prescription would be any better than an OTC one. She said they are basically the same but you can get a higher dosage with the prescription but not by much. With a prescription I could get it in 1 mg and OTC is 800 mcg. I have already bought the OTC kind and it's not a big deal to me to just take an extra pill a day. She asked when we thought we might try to conceive again and I told her I wasn't sure. She asked about birth control and I said I didn't want any. I told her that once we started doing "the deed" again I'd probably go ahead and start taking the folic acid in addition to my prenatal vitamin just in case. She asked if my milk had come in and I told her the whole deal about me pumping, which she remembered me saying something about before. That was pretty much it so I scheduled my 6 week check-up and we left.


Betty said...

I am so glad to hear you are doing so great! I think I would def. be depressed...but it's easier when you understand she is in a better place waiting for you.

croleyc69 said...

Glad to hear you are getting along good. Been praying for you & your families everyday. Stay Strong Love ya HUGS !!! Caroline -Cafemom/ccmom69

Becky B said...

YOu are amazing and truly an inspiration to all who have been down your journey.
Keep up the positive thoughts and prayers , give Kyndra a big kiss and hug and keep treating yourself to the mall!!!!!
God Bless YOu,
Becky B

Nicole said...

I don't know how you do it....I was a wreck when I went in for my 2 week appointment after Logan was born. My doctor didn't even really ask much about how things went after Logan died. Then I tried to show her a picture of Logan and I lost it.


Emily said...

I didn't know you were pumping for your cousin! That's awesome! Definitely take the Folic Acid. It can make you a little crabby, though. I take 1mg every day b/c of my epilepsy meds.

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