Monday, August 03, 2009

Week 1 of The Secret

For the next 12 weeks I am taking The Secret. In my walk to become a better person, I will go over what the line means to me and how I applied it in my week. I hope that you will follow along with Stephanie and every week post on your blog a line from The Secret and how you’ve applied that line in your life that week. By the end of the 12 weeks, I hope to notice the better person I’ve become along with bringing better people into my life. Come along on the journey with us and let’s put The Secret to the test.

To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

What does peace of mind mean exactly? The absence of mental stress or anxiety and the presence of serenity, calm, quiet, and comfort of mind.

I took a moment to stop and think if I had a lot of stress and anxiety in my life. While I don't feel I have a whole lot, there is some there and it's hard to imagine a life completely absent of either. My life always feels so busy. Too many things to do and not enough hours in the day to get them done. But how many of these things that I feel are so important really are? Do these things really matter?

I think they matter to some extent. As far as household duties (which is probably a big one), it is good to take care of the things that you are blessed with but I don't think that you should stress over them. I've realized (with my husband pointing it out to me) that I spend a lot of time on the computer. What am I spending my time doing? I have 2 emails, 2 blogs, Facebook, Cafemom, my support groups, and I'm a BlogFrog community leader. I've got a lot to keep up on! Do the things I do online really matter? Again, I think they do to some extent. I've met a lot of great people online and some great friends, too. I don't think God brought these people into my life for no reason so I think it is important for me to keep in touch. (Plus I don't have a lot of friends that I hang out with where I live.) I have cut back on my online time and I'm trying to cut it back some more (key word being trying lol). Of course, my Blackberry makes it easy for me to answer emails quickly. (Thank goodness for technology. ha!)

My grief is still a stressor in my life too. For the most part I feel I am doing very well, but I still have some things to deal with. This is the part of my life where I feel I will never be given peace of mind. How can I have complete peace of mind when my heart itself is not complete? I honestly don't see how I can. All I can do is try my best, and I promise to do that.

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My Very Own Angel said...

I still say at least we're not hitting the bottle. lol. But I agree, like junk food, all things are good in moderation. :)

Nickel Pickle said...

I too spend WAY too much time online. I try to set aside certain times, but it doesn't always work out that way.

April said...

Very truthful post and one that I can identify with (as far as the computer time goes). I think understanding your heart is incomplete and learning to thrive with that, and trying to move forward - is everything that you can do!

i like this Secret Idea - read the book a while ago actually. Might go dig it back out again. :)

MommyIvy said...

I might have to see if I can find this book.

Emily said...

I have also wondered if computers add or remove stress from my life. I spend so much time online, but feel so many of the folks I've met there have been much more supportive than many people I know in real life.

Veronica said...

I can totally relate to worrying about spending too much time on the computer. I really enjoy blogging for the fellowship factor, but sometimes it just gets a little hard to keep up with everything/everyone. Even one day out of the loop and it gets a little stressful. I am having to step back and think about the things that are most important lately and cut off some of the stuff that stresses me out, including the computer.

I will have to check out the links you mentioned here on this post!

Anonymous said...

I know that what your feeling is normal so don't ever put yourself down for that. Grief happens to all of us in one way or another. But it is with God's help and strong faith that gets us through and the load will lighten. It all takes time. But know that for anyone who is going through any kind of grief that you are loved by many. May God give you peace in your lives and teach you that with him all things are possible.

Love you, Aunt Nancy

Lucy and Ethel said...

Stopping by because I noticed you were in the promotion spot!

As the mother of baby who died because of a genetic disease, I have been on a mission to do whatever I could in Jeffrey's memory for almost 12 years - primarily working with support groups, finding new families, and writing a book. Almost everything I do is on the computer (including paying bills and working on web sites for our businesses); however, my husband used to consider it 'playing.' It was pretty frustrating, so I explained why I was on it so much. He quit grumbling so much, but I still hear a sigh or two every now and then :)

Mom Putnam said...

he doesnt have to worry about the house now does he-I did that for him lol-mom

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