Monday, August 31, 2009

A choked up kinda day

I thought today was going pretty good until I got in the car to go pick up Kyndra from the sitter's. Wouldn't you know that More Beautiful You came on so I sang along with Carleigh's version of the song. Of course, I couldn't make it completely through the song and the last line of the bridge always gets me. I choked down a sob as I felt the tears start to fill my eyes, but they didn't fall. At least not this time. Gosh, things just hit you all of a sudden and try to knock you down.

I watched a video of Mandisa's He Is With You at HappyascanB. I've never heard this song before and wow is it good. I had to choke back another sob when I heard the line "He is with you when your baby's gone". I want to share this video with the rest of you but not with the intention of making you cry but because it is a good song.

There were a couple other things that I choked up about but I'll just leave them be.

On a different note, I've gotten a couple blog awards lately. Thank you to everyone who thought of me and to those who have given me awards before but I never posted. I appreciate them all! I don't really post these but since I got so many in such a short period of time I thought what the heck! So here they are:

I got the Friend Award and A Lovely Blog Award from Karen @ On Having Faith.

The next award is the Honest Scrap award. I received this award from Peyton's Mommy @ Once A Mother, Lauren @, and Franchesca @ Handprints from Heaven. (Did I miss anybody? Sorry if I did!)

I am supposed to share 10 honest things about me that you might not have known before. Well, I got this award not too long ago and posted it on my family blog so if you want to know some more about me you can read there because I honestly don't feel like trying to come up with something new or even thinking of blogs to pass these awards on to. Even that is just too much work for me right now at this moment. I'm tired and I'm going to bed. (I don't think I even passed it on on my family blog. But that was out of sheer laziness. Oh well. Whatta ya gonna do?)
*Edit* 9/2/09
I'm feeling up to it now so I thought I'd share a few honest things about me. They may or may not be new to you. Maybe I can come up with 10.
1) I've only painted my nails a couple times in my life. I didn't even do them for my wedding. I just prefer them plain.
2) I love my job and while I love being a mommy more, I don't think I could ever be a SAHM. Part time would be perfect.
3) I hardly ever make our bed. I get up several hours before Anthony and I know he isn't going to make the bed. Sometimes though he does pull up the comforter to make it a little neater.
4) You know the person that seems to know everything and has a bunch of useless knowledge? Yeah, that's me.
5) I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer like a million times each day (slight exaggeration). Not because I'm a germaphobe but because I work in healthcare.
6) I love helping others. I wish that I could always do more.
7) I'm a Twilight addict and it has led into liking other vampire stories too.
Well, there's 7. I guess that's good.


Just Breathe said...

Holly, I am so sorry for the hard day you had. Thank you so much for the song, it is beautiful.

Trisha Larson said...

Gosh, I completely get it. So very sorry.

I want to play that Mandisa song but I'm too on the edge tonight. I have a feeling that it will send me over so I'm going to wait.

Nate's song is Angel by Sarah MacLaughin (sp?). His music video is on his website if you haven't seen it. I still can't listen to that song. I just turn it off whenever it comes on. Hopefully, someday I'll enjoy it again.

Tina said...

I am so sorry it was that kind of day for you. I too have certain songs that just bring the tears everytime. I think it is good though. We all need to releae once in a while. xx

Misty said...

I had a choked up and angry day. Thank you for the song - - some days I wonder if I really believe it.

croleyc69 said...

I sorta had a rough day just so much this time of year for me, thanx for sharing the song. I cry so easy somedays I cry over just the simplest thing as my son Ridge would say. Sorry you had a tough day. Hugs & Prayers for you my friend.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Love you and I'm praying...

HappyascanB said...

Oh My! I'm so sorry you were having a rough day and that song only added to the pain. I really am so sorry. It is a great song, and I am again praising God for your honesty, true faith, and determination to keep Carleigh's spirit alive and well. Hugs. . . .

stitchndeb said...

Even though certain songs make me cry, it makes my heart feel good to hear them because at least I know someone (the singer) gets how I feel. Anyway, I had never heard More Beautiful You till you told me about it. Now I hear it all the time on the radio, LOL. I just love Mandisa!!! She sings in TobyMac's song "Lose My Soul" and I crank it when it's her part! ~Debbie

Veronica said...

Holly, I'm sorry that yesterday was a tough one. I heard More Beautiful You on KLOVE too yesterday and I actually got to listening to all the words. What a powerful song. I had never heard of this Mandisa song, but it's also a good one.

I'll praying for you today and hope that you're feeling better.

Nickel Pickle said...

((hugs)) There is a song on Logan's blog called "Miss you" and its not even about infant loss (dont even think its about death either), but for some reason I think of Logan & it makes me cry...its actuallly a really weird song, but I am kinda a weird girl ;)So whatever.

Anyways I got the book yesterday, cant wait to read it. Thanks!

MommyIvy said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. Hopefully things will look up soon.

Mary Ellen said...

Sending you a great big Bloggy Hug all the way from Alabama today! Those days come and go and sometimes the trigger is never really known. I pray that you will feel strong today and know that you have do many people that look up to you (I know I do).

Thank you so much for posting that video. You will never know just how needed that truly was at this moment.

Once A Mother said...

"Gosh, things just hit you all of a sudden and try to knock you down." I have been thinking this same thing these past few days.

Elizabeth said...

It's amazing sometimes what will set us off into despair after the loss of a child. After my baby passed away I would break down at all the stupidest moments. I was washing my car once and suddenly burst into tears. Hope you feel a little better. Tears can make you stronger. They are never a sign of weekness. *hugs*

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