Friday, March 27, 2009

Water is broke!

Dr. F came and checked my cervix. Believe it or not I was still at 1 cm and I was 60% effaced. So I thinned and that was about it. The Pit was only going to run for a couple more hours and then they were going to turn it off and start it back up in the morning. The good thing about that would be I would get to eat, but I don't like the idea of stretching it out over a couple days. I don't know how good that would be for Carleigh. The other option was to break my water and continue through until she was born. I deliberated and I opted for Dr. F to break my water. In my birth plan I have it where I don't want my water broken, in theory, to protect her head during delivery. It is a good idea but I can't be 100% sure that keeping it intact would be helpful. The actual breaking went well. Much more comfy than what it was with Kyndra. I thought the fluid would never end! There was more in there than I thought! So now just waiting for contractions to actually pick up. I hope this progresses things a little quicker. In the meantime, everyone is eating McDonald's. *sigh*


Bobbi said...

Oh Holly, I am glued to your updates. I hope things go quicker for you now. I know God is watching over you all. bobbi318(cafemom)

Fostersforbeer said...

WHy is it that everytime I check for a update I cry? These songs do not help! I am praying for you and your family Holly. THank you for updating!

Betty said...

Still sitting on top of the computer! HaHaHa!

I think you were right to break the water...I dont think it would be good to drag it out for her, but I totally agree with your reason for NOT wanting to. Oh, mom. The tough choices they are making you make today.

Hopefully tomorrow you will get to eat with the rest of them!

As always, you are in our prayers.

Amber (angel07bear) said...

I am so happy everything is still going well. Thank you for keeping us updated. I am still praying for you and Carleigh, and your family! Hopefully they're not eating in front of you!

Karolyn (moss0324-cm) said...

good to know that everything is still going well....hang in there god will have her make her grand apperance when he knows you and her are ready. It's all in gods hands now and that's the best you can have!
Take care

Kat (DrusMom) said...

OKay...I am glad to hear that things are really starting to move along!! I am excited!! :) But sad as well. Anyway, just to let you know that I am starving along with you. Hahaha I haven't had a chance to eat anything since this morning.

Anonymous said...

Praying Holly! Thanks so much for the updates! I've been glued to the computer all day, too! I keep coming back and refreshing your blog to see if you have updated. I can certianly understand your not wanting to break your water, but I think I agree that it was best. The shorter the labor, the easier it will probably be on both of you. Praying that things pick up quickly for you!


Anonymous said...

i am glued to your updates as well. you are very kind for sharing this with the world you know! lol i hope the water breaking moves things along, and that it does not harm the baby. good luck, stay strong, and stay postive!
much love, lovinmyseabee

blueyedmommy said...

I hope things will start moving along quickly now that your water has been broke.. Oh the smell of McDonalds yes that has to be tough.. Praying for you and that little one..

Chandra (babynumber1)-CM said...


Just like Hannah (fostersforbeer) I cry everytime I check your page. I am completely glued to your blog and I am checking all the time. You are so right about breaking your water, and hopefully *like some others have said* they are not eating in front of you :)

Laura said...

LOL I know what you mean!! I remember when my water broke, it was like someone had unearthed a geyser! At first I was like, "Oh dammit, I peed the bed!"... then I went, "Nevermind! OH MY GOD!!" I was wondering how the baby was even in there because there was so much fluid :-D
You can do it, Holly!! You're doing great!
Hugs, Laura (emslala)

Sarah (Lovemy918-CM) said...

I'm glued to your blog, just as everyone else is. I pray things go smoothly, and that you start to progress....I will probably be up most of the night keeping tabs on this. Take care sweetie

Anonymous said...

Like everyone else, I just wanted to let you know that I am still here! I am glad you got to enjoy another popsicle. I am sure having your water broke was a tough decison, but I am sure you made the right one! Love ya!!!


Larson said...

I just googled "anencephaly breaking water" and yours was the first site to come up. We're at the hospital (have been for about a week) trying to get our 43 week old anencephalic baby out. The doc is coming back in about half an hour to talk to us about breaking the water. We also have it in our birth plan that we don't want to. My wife's more like 3 cm (thanks to 3 rounds of cervadil and a lot of pit). She's showering now and we have a lot of thinking to do very fast. We really want to meet our little guy and are worried from other things we've read that breaking the water decreases our baby's chances of living through childbirth. His name is Levi - if any of you all want to pray for him. Thanks & blessings on everything.

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