Monday, March 09, 2009

Considering a C-Section

Lately I have been questioning whether I really want to deliver Carleigh vaginally. I'm not sure it is really the best thing for her, so I am considering having a C-Section. I am quite encouraged that Carleigh has a chance to live a little while because of her hiccups and my lack of poly, plus whenever I see her on the US her stomach and bladder contains fluid. All these are signs that she is swallowing, which is very good! I am afraid that proceeding with a vaginal delivery would cause trauma to her head and negatively impact her and that is something I do not want. While ideally I would love a vaginal birth, I feel that I must do what is best for my daughter. I have been asking some moms in both my ABFA group and on Cafemom about C-Sections to get a little more info on what I would be in store for and that has helped. Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr. F and I'm going to bring this up to her. This would change my birth plan completely so I would have to change many things on it and then give the updated copy to those who need it.

I must admit that the thought of a C-Section makes me nervous. This is surgery I would be having! I know lots of moms have them and they go ok, but there are risks involved-more so than with a vaginal birth. I know policies are a little stricter with C-Sections too but I'm hoping that given our situation that they would be able to "bend" some of the rules for us. Of course, I need to find out exactly what the policies are and what we could get away with so that I can adjust my birth plan accordingly. So I guess I will know for sure tomorrow exactly how Carleigh is to be born!


Nicole said...

I had a c-section with my my son Logan. I had to fight my doc on it, but in the end I am glad I had one. I was able to have Logan in the recovery room with me the entire time. Everyone was pretty understanding.

It is surgery, but it really is not that bad. I have had 3 and I did fine with each one.

Good luck whatever you do hun!

Misty said...

I, too, have scheduled c-sections due to the size of my previous babies. Let me know what questions you have, I'd be happy to answer!

xo Misty

Jodi Lansink said...

I have been contimplating the exact same thing. I am due in July with our little girl that also has Anencephaly, and have been planning on a vaginal birth, but on the other hand, if there is a chance we could get to spend more time with her with the c-section, then that is what I want to do too! We haven's made any choices yet though....good luck in whatever you choose.

stitchndeb said...

I've had three of them too, and I agree it's not so bad. So if it gives you more time with Carleigh, definitely think about it.

Brooks said...

Bonus: 25 minutes and no pushing!

Mom Putnam said...

Honey-I know this is a difficult decision for you, and it is surgery. That's how you came into the world and look how beautiful you turned out. I will pray for the peace you are looking for.

Dave and Shana said...

I had a C Section and it was scary, but I it was an emergency. I recovered very quickly. I hope that you are able to come to peace with a decision soon. I pray for your Carleigh and your family everyday. (shanamarie from cafemom)

The G Fam said...

Our daughter Lilly had something somewhat like Anencepahly but is called holoprosencephaly. After 20 hours of labor, I told them we had had enough and needed to just call my doctor and tell him that I was ready for my c-section. I was terrified but all went well. I actually work there now, (on the Mom/Baby unit.) Do make a birth plan. It is not something I advise for routine, normal healthy pregnancies (because they seem to scream for something to go wrong!), but they need to know what you want. Normally, babies go down to the nursery after a c-section, but where there are extenuating circumstances, they make allowances. Lilly was born rally struggling, and my husband brought her over to me to say hello and goodbye, but it was than she started really fighting to stay here. After a few minutes, we had him take her out to our family while they finished with me. We had her with us in the room for about two hours before we told them it was okay to move her down. I hope that helps, and I wish you the best of luck!

The G Fam said...

By the way, you need to decide what you want them to do if your baby needs any medical help with breathing and such. Lilly would have normally been intubated and given a drug to help with her lungs, but instead we had them just do oxygen. Also you need to decide about tube feedings, if your baby does not want to eat. Lilly had a hard time the five weeks she was alive with eating, but we did try. And if you do have a c-section, get up and get moving and you will feel WORLDS better!

Penny said...

Not sure how exactly I came across your blog. I have been reading Carleigh's story. What an incredible journey you are on. We will be praying for you all.
I was raised very near Findaly and one of my daughters is in college there now. Such a small world.... If you haven't done it yet try out Dietsch's Ice Cream store. The best ever......
We live sw of Dayton now too far for ice cream runs! lol

You will be in our prayers as your journey coninues. I pray that you see God's grace and feel his peace as you move along. Although different we have also lived through a journey that led to loss with our baby Mackenzie. If you ever feel like just chatting to someone I would love to be able to be your sounding board.

Beautiful pictures..... just beautiful

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