Monday, June 01, 2009

Reading Group-Chapter 8

This is the final chapter of the book I'll Hold You In Heaven. It is titled "Three Steps to Loving".

The author mentions that death comes in many different forms in our lives-relationships, dreams, loved ones, etc.

1) In what ways has death affected your life?

The author goes on to tell us of his changed attitude toward those who have chosen abortion.

2) Do you think it is a good change? How does his attitude compare to yours?

3) In what ways have you or could you help others?

4) What did you think of the book as a whole?

Thank you to everyone who participated in the group reading and discussion. Since you were so wonderful to join me in reading the book and answering my questions I have a little giveaway just for you! I have a Burt's Bees Lip Stash Pack that contains 3 beeswax lip balms and 1 beeswax lip balm tin. So, if you would like to win this pack then just say you want to be entered in the giveaway after you answer the questions. (You can only enter this giveaway if you read the book with the group.)

I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have!


Holly said...

1) In what ways has death affected your life?

Most of the death in my life is of loved ones. I haven't really had any dreams that have died except for my dreams for Carleigh. Finding out about her anencephaly destroyed my dream of having 2 little girls close in age to grow up together. They would've been just 15 months apart and I was really looking forward to it.

2) Do you think it is a good change? How does his attitude compare to yours?

I definitely think it is a good change. We should lovingly accept everyone just as Christ would. We've all made mistakes and sinned. And I really believe that one sin is not worse in God's eyes than another. Sin is sin no matter what it is.

3) In what ways have you or could you help others?

I regularly donate to my local women's center. They helped me out so much when I was struggling w/ PASS and I feel I'm just giving back. I want women to have that help available. I want women to be aware that abortion is not just some simple procedure so I share my story.

4) What did you think of the book as a whole?

I thought it was very good overall. There were maybe a thing or 2 I really didn't agree w/ but it is one I would recommend. Safe in the Arms of God is also a good book.

MommyIvy said...

1) In what ways has death affected your life?

Most of the death I have been affected by is of family and friends. I really havent had any dreams die.

2) Do you think it is a good change? How does his attitude compare to yours?
I think that it is a good change. I dont belive in abortion, but I dont judge the people who have, even though I have strong feeling against it. God will judge those people himself and we are not to judge.

3) In what ways have you or could you help others?
I try to be there for people who have lost a child and are low on hope. I tell them my story and how things have worked out for me. I also try to lead them to God and to not give up on him.

4) What did you think of the book as a whole?
I havent got to read the book, but it seems to be a great book. I am looking forward to reading it when Holly is done.

Since, I havent read it I dont know if I am eligable for the contest or not. (I have joined in all the discussions though)

Holly said...

Hey Ivy, you can certainly be in the entered in the giveaway b/c you have participated. Send your address to me at and I'll send you the book! Thank for participating with us!

Megan said...

Hi Holly....i do not know you and just happened upon your blog. Let me say how sorry i am about your sweet little one. She is beautiful and I know you miss her. I was shocked to see the date of her exodus home! I am just so grateful that you have this blog and are using it to help you heal. I wished i had thought of doing it long before i did.

Anyhow, I would be honored to add you and your little ones story to my blog. Please send me an email with a link to you if you are interested. Please check out my blog and where you will be....on the left scroll down to "heartbroken with hope". My site and its format are in a bit of construction and have been for a bit longer then planned. Life happened! I am working towards its completion, however. again I want to give you my condolances and let you know that you are not alone! Now heaven is even more appealing, huh! sigh....bfn ~Megan

stitchndeb said...

1) In what ways has death affected your life?

The deaths in my life have been close loved ones. My dream that died was having a little girl who I could deeply care for. (I do have a 9-yr-old but she is independent and disobedient, and the only time she lets me “care” for her is when she is sick.)

2) Do you think it is a good change? How does his attitude compare to yours?

Yes, of course, his attitude change is marvelous! My attitude towards anyone who has suffered a loss (not just post-abortive) is that I feel for them because I understand their pain. I also know what it’s like to feel dirty and ashamed and worried that people will hate you just because you made a mistake.

3) In what ways have you or could you help others?

The pregnancy center here has a complicated application process (even for volunteering) that scared me off but I would have loved to do typing for them or something similar behind the scenes. I do volunteer at a bible studies by mail place every week and am able to show God’s love to people in prisons all over the US and Mexico.

4) What did you think of the book as a whole?

There were a couple minor things I didn’t agree with but there were several NEW things I learned which was great! Gave me more peace as well, and I also would recommend it to someone (in fact, I will be giving my copy to my counselor). My counselor is having me read “Her Choice to Heal” by Cynda Massey (a post-abortion book) and I want to recommend that one to everyone also. I can relate to her personal testimony she shares throughout the book and I feel like she’s talking TO ME.

Holly, thank you so much for letting us join you in reading this book and for the discussion questions you provided. I know compared to everyone else's answers mine sometimes seemed harsh and angry but I guess I'm still hurting and I still lash out too much, and I'm sorry if I hurt any of you. Holly, I am so glad I met you and I hope you do another book read-along again someday. ~Debbie

croleyc69 said...

The deaths in my life were family & friends. I would have to say that yes I had the dreams for the 2 children I miscarried just dreamed being a Mom & adding more joy to our family. I also was engaged when I was 16 & the result was losing him in a car accident only 17. I had the dream of getting married.
I believe it is good change & we should not judge others. I do not agree with abortion but one day everyone of us will have to answer to the Lord.Everyone on this earth from time to time has made a mistake but as I said before we are not to judge another, but the Lord loves each & everyone of us no matter what.
I try to help others w / loss. I can talk about it & sometimes it still helps me heal cause the hurt is always there but with the Lord's help it can be easier. I donate to the pregnancy center & just be there for people.
As for the book it was great there was a couple things that I didn't agree with but for the most part it helped me alot.
Also Holly it was so nice to do something like this. I enjoyed it so much. Your blog really helped & will continue to. I look forward to reading it. I was having alot of issues with this past pregnancy & reading your blog helped me so much. Thanx so much & Prayers & HUGS !!!! Caroline

Andi Soergel said...

1) Death was something that I was very afraid and fearful of since childhood. Having Haven and losing my dad have both been situations that have helped me tremendously in this area. I think losing Haven definitely prepared me for losing my dad. I am much more likely to go to funerals, etc. now because having been through it, I know how much it means to people.
2) I do think it was a good change.
3) I try to reach out wherever I can and whenever opportunities arise. We do have a local care center here to donate baby items to. I just discovered an opportunity for a knitting group at church that my daughter and I go to to donate hats, booties and knitted burial gowns for a photographer for NILMDTS and we are way excited about that! There are so many things you can do-I just pray that God brings along opportunities! Just talking about Haven is helpful to me AND others sometimes!
4) As a couple other people mentioned, there are a few things here and there that I didn't agree with, but I would also recommend it to someone who has lost a child in any way.
Safe in the Arms of God IS a good one, too! Thank you so much for doing this, Holly! Sorry I haven't always been very prompt in answering the questions, but I have really liked doing this and I do hope you do one in the future!

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