Sunday, June 07, 2009

My growing belly

I thought it would be a good idea to post my belly pics throughout my pregnancy with Carleigh. During that part of our journey I kept a picture of the most recent one on my sidebar but now I have no place for those....until now!

I started these when I was 12 weeks just like I did with Kyndra but when we realized that my April 24th due date was not correct (didn't find out until close to my induction) and it was really April 17th, I adjusted the dates so these start at 13 weeks instead.

13 weeks

15 weeks

17 weeks

19 weeks

21 weeks

23 weeks

25 weeks

27 weeks

29 weeks

31 weeks

33 weeks

35 weeks

Here are some pictures of me at 37 weeks on March 27, 2009-the day we went in for my induction for Carleigh.

To me, the pictures make me look bigger than what I actually was. For those who saw my belly in person, do you think so too? I measured small my entire pregnancy (just like with Kyndra) but the further along I got the farther my growth fell behind. Right before Carleigh's arrival, I was measuring 7-8 weeks behind.


Christina said...

What a great documentation of your pregnancy. look amazing each week too!

Krystal said...

You looked great! Some woman are hot when their prego, me not so much! I was HUGE!

Alyson said...

You look amazing!!!! I had like a billion stretch marks.....bleh!!

Your belly is so perfect......ewwwwwww......jk :0)

Stephanie said...

This was so neat to see!

Nickel Pickle said...

What an adorable baby belly!

Betty said...

I never saw you, but if they said you were measuring that far behind, then yes, they do make you look bigger. You can see her growing steadily right along, and you look a great size for a pregnant momma to me, but what do I know. I was gigantic when I was pregnant, and like you said, you measured small with Kyndra too.

Brooks said...

When I saw you at the mall I thought you looked pretty tiny. But you didn't get big everywhere else like the rest of us :)

croleyc69 said...

That was neat to see & I sometimes wish I had done something like that. I didn't get that big w /any of my kids. Caroline

Celia said...

What an adorable baby belly! I was HUGE! So no pics of my progress as I was too embarrassed to see them, even if we were only keeping them for ourselves and never showing them off. Now, in retrospect, maybe I should have done it anyway! What another wonderful memory you have created!

Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

OK, you have officially won the most beautiful pregnant belly ever award in my book! Gorgeous!!

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Ashley Whitmoyer said...

I thought you were a tiny little thing, but you're a tiny little thing as is. Perfect tummy :)!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Look at that cute belly. :) I also measured behind with Samuel. That was the initial reason for the sonogram. I only gained 19 pounds (I usually gain around 35). By 42 weeks (yes, I went 2 weeks over due!) I think I was only measuring around 36 weeks. Interesting.

Thanks for sharing your cute pics.

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