Monday, June 15, 2009

My Birthday Giveaway

Happy (upcoming) Birthday to me!!

I turn 26 years old on Saturday, June 20.

No special plans. No birthday cake. No gifts. That's just me and my husband's 'thing' that we've done since we've been married.

So, I am going to celebrate on here with a giveaway!

We all know how tough the economy is and it doesn't look like it's getting better any time soon. (Of course, I hope I am wrong about that!) With this giveaway I hope to ease the burden just a tiny bit.

This giveaway is for a $50 Kroger gift card. Perfect in helping with your groceries and saving your wallet!

Here's what you need to do to enter this giveaway:

Since my husband and I don't get each other gifts, I would like to get gifts from you! No, I'm not asking you to send me a gift. I want you to give me a pretend gift. Basically, what you would get me if you were gonna give me a gift. Now this is the important part... Please leave an anonymous comment telling me of your gift. Only anonymous comments count. I don't want to know who you are because the gift I like the most will win the gift card!

Let me specify a little about the gifts, too. Make your pretend gifts practical gifts that are within your budget-something you would make or buy me if you really did want to give me a gift. For example, no sending me on vacations to exotic lands or buying me a new car. (Although I would like that very much!)

This giveaway begins now and will run until Saturday, June 20 at 8:04am EST, which is the date and time I was born. I will announce the winner that same day at noon EST.

I can't wait to read about your gifts!

*EDIT* Oh, and BTW, I'm not publishing the comments with your gifts because I don't want anybody to cheat or get ideas off anybody else right now. I'll publish them all once I announce the winner. ;)

*ANOTHER EDIT* Oops! Ok, scratch the previous edit because I accidentally published a few posts with my gifts so I'm gonna go ahead and publish them all because that's only fair now. Just remember come up with your own ideas! ;)


Anonymous said...

I woul give you a gift of Pattycakes. Pattycakes are a bronzed hand and foot impression of your child. They take an impression of your child's hand and foot, and have it bronzed. I would have it put on a plaque and into a shadow box with a 5x7 picture of Kyndra with her birth date and stats.

Anonymous said...

I would give you a new washer and dryer... Not just any set but the brand new front loading ones they just came out with that washes and dries 3 loads of laundry at once. I think everyone could use the extra time not spent on laundry, just spending time with the family and kiddos!

Anonymous said...

I would make you a bunch of cupcakes with pretty little flowers, butterflys and ladybugs on them :0)....Because cuppy cakes are AWESOME and who doesn't love cuppy cakes???!!!!

And we could go out to a nice, yummy, and super fattening, yet lady like lunch....ha ha ha

Because birthdays are a good reason to stuff your face full of all kinds of goodies!!!....he he he

And of course I would make you a super cute and fun card.....Ok well maybe buy one.....ha ha ha.....I'm not too good with being funny on my own....I admit I do need Hallmark's help from time to time :0)

Anonymous said...

I think any angel mom would want the gift of having their child back in their arms, of course this is an impossibility. However, having things that remind us everyday of our angels is not. If I were to get you a gift it would be of a collage of pictures of Carleigh that you could hang on the wall in your living room. In a beautiful frame that proudly displays her name in pink, purple, and white colors.

Thats what I would get you for your birthday. :) *Many hugs.*

April said...

I just wanted to say how clever you are with this give away! I have never entered one before, but I like how you went about this one! nice idea!!

I just had my birthday and my gift of choice (of no budget) would be to choose one room in my house to have a complete renovation! Wouldn't that be nice?!? Darn economy! HA!

I will have to get more clever, but practical for you :)

can't wait to see the best chosen gift!

Anonymous said...

For your birthday, dear Holly, I would buy you a box of Ballreich potato chips. I'm poor, HA! Who isnt, and I know how much you love them.

Anonymous said...

What a FUN idea....and Happy almost Birthday. I would probably have gone to Hallmark and gotten you a keepsake from there. Depends on what they had.... definitely something cute & meaningful. (something that had to do with friendship) But..........I have to graciously bow out of this giveaway because we don't live near a Kroger.

Enjoy your day Holly ~ and here's some more BABY DUST! hehe

Anonymous said...

What a great idea... First let me say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I pray your wish comes true!! (+ preggo test) LOL.. Anyway, My gift to you would be...2 beautiful canvas paintings. 1 of your family. All of you. Carleigh, Kyndra, you and Daddy. Then my 2nd would be... A picture of Carleigh and Kyndra together. 2 perfect, BEAUTIFUL little girls!!
Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day. You are an AMAZING mom! And I look up to you and how you look at life. It really is an eye opener! Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

I would send you this outfit! Nothing is more fun then a loud outfit that screams "I AM AS YOUNG AS I FEEL =]"!! Love ya Holly! and BIG happy birthday to you!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

What a fun idea, Holly!!! Only I do wish I could actually GIVE you a gift!! (Maybe you'll win one of my giveaways!!)

This is what I would give you for your birthday:
I would come to your house (wouldn't that be so fun?) with my hand-crafted frames in hand and frame some of your favorite pictures and arrange them on one wall of your home. And we would have a good ole time!

I hope you have a Happy Blessed Birthday, Holly!

Anonymous said...

I like this idea. It so interesting.
I will give you a gift from so you can have a memory of Carleigh hands and feet in 3D. I just lost my daughter 2 months ago and it's almost feel like I am holding her hands and feet every time I run my hand across her prints.

ericarose said...

Holly, for your birthday I would get you scrapbooking supplies. I know how much you enjoy it and you can never have too many scrapbooking supplies!

Anonymous said...

My first instinct is to say I would give you your 90 minutes with a happy healthy carleigh but I know i cant make that happen.

so for you I would do a day at the spa. What a way to go to get pampered and enjoy yourself. Time to just be :)Enjoy your birthday sweetie.

Anonymous said...

If I could give you any birthday gift in the whole wide world I would give you 2 gifts, 1st one would be all of the love, courage,strength, wisdom, and prayers you give everyone else. May all of this leave you feeling the way you make others feel.
The next gift, I would give you a lifetime with Carleigh. I know you will have it one day with her anyways but I would give it to you now!
May your birthday be as wonderful as you are!

Anonymous said...

While I *wish* I could give you your baby girl back..I cant do that so let me see.....

You deserved to be pampared. How about a nice lunch out at your favorite place & then maybe a pedicure. I know I always feel like a million bucks after I have had my toes done.

Happy Birthday Holly!

Brooks said...

Haha, you're brilliant. You kill me sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

I would give you an "IOU" book filled with coupons for things like free babysitting, washing dishes, cleaning your car, doing laundry, giving you a foot massage, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, free lunch or dinner from me, ect. There would be 20 "coupons" in all.
You could redeem them at any time throughout the year, all you'd have to do is call me!

PS: My husband and I also do no-gifts, no-plans, no-party for our birthdays.

Anonymous said...

As I am enetering this contest I must this is a neat thing just shows what a kind of a person you are,so here it goes my gift would be home made it would be a quilt made of memories throughout your life and your family. I would put pictures of you and anthony and kyndra and carliegh and also include jordon and hannah . it would have sayings to cherish. But it would be something you could hang and display. I think I would try to have others emailme and have thought they would like on it too. then this quilt it would be called A quilt of hope and and it could bring you alot of happiness. I would add little chams of hte months you was all born and the month of your anniversary. Also I would take a block and do a family tree and add or leaves for future loved ones. And maybe a block of those who you loved whom had passed on. Such a WAY TO remember. But the most important picture on it would be GOD and he would be there with you always. This would be my gift to you for your birthday. Happy birthday . Enjoy the blessed day the Lord will give you.

Anonymous said...

Ok Holly,

After a lot of pondering of what to get the girl who has everything (well that money can buy of course) I would offer to come and watch Kendra and clean and take care of your house while you an Anthony took a vacation. Or if not a Vacation just some time for you two to well you know "color" as we call it in my house. If you chose to stay home, I Would still cook clean and do all those things so you can just spend time with Kendra and Anthony. Relax have no worries so that way if it was close to that time of ovulation that maybe just maybe you could concive :) I would make life easy for you for one whole week. I think you deserve this since you and your family has been through so much.

On a side note, this giveaway is such a caring, thoughtful gift! You have such a sweet spirit that your rewards in heaven will be great! :)

Anonymous said...

I would give you a family bible & so you could put all the stats in it. I would make you a cover that has pictures of Anthony & you. Kyndra & Carleigh on it also. I would like to make you a bookmark for everyone in your family to use in your Bible.Lots of Pink & Purple & the cover & bookmarkers would be quilted. I love making gifts instead if buying them cause the gift has sooooo much more meaning. This was such a neat idea & you are such a giving person always thinking of someone else.
Hoping you have a very Happy Birthday Holly. God Bless You HUGS :)

Anonymous said...

I would make you a scrapbook, of your life starting as a child, & include every part of your life, up until now. Have everyone & everything that is important in your life included,because they are part of what made you who you are today

Anonymous said...

I would give you scrapbooking supplies for you Carliegh scrapbook. Everyone who does scrabooking can always use more. That and buyingp those yourself can get expensive.

Anonymous said...

Holly- For your birthday, I originally was going to get you a piece of Antique Jewelry, but I thought that might get a lil too pricey. People have already mentioned a spa day: So instead.....I would get you a gift card to buy all of the "organic" products you use on Kyndra and yourself. I know how important that is to you, and how you enjoy getting those things for your family. I would also throw in a box of Oreo Cakesters.

jordan wood said...

O MY GOSH HOLLY WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!! I will be 19 on june 20th!!!

Anonymous said...

I would give you the gift of professional landscaping so you could make a perfect memorial garden for Carleigh and also have plants to honor Hannah and Kyndra and remember Jordan.There would be your fave flowers, statuary, a bench to sit on, maybe an arch w/ a pretty vine spilling over it.There would be the birth month flowers for all the children. Then, I would have a horticulturist graft a perfect new rose and name it "Carleigh".Happy birthday, Holly! Thanks for helping me with your story, for I have lost a child also.I have 3 others born after her, and my son's birthday is also June 20.

Anonymous said...

i would go through your pics of carleigh's brief time here and would find ones of her and kyndra...and put them together in a frame that said SISTERS....for you for now and later maybe for kyndra if she wanted it. Also a big organic lasagna and salad so you wouldnt have to make dinner and a birthday cake of course!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY :)

Anonymous said...

I would buy you stars one for Jordan Carleigh. I would name them after them so you could look up and see your little angels shining down on you.

Anonymous said...

I would give you a homemade card. Inside would hold my little homemade coupons. They would be blank and can be used on anyone you want. You can fill in what YOU would like to use them for. I would also donate $10 to one of you fund for Carleigh. Money is tight and it's all I can afford, but it's from the heart!!

Nana of 5 said...

Holly, This is what I would do for your birthday. It would start off with breakfast in bed, and then still with your jammies on, we would get in my convertible (that I borrowed from my brother-in-law) and you could put your head back and relax and feel the wind blow through your hair, you would not need to talk to me, just relax. We would travel to a salon that I know and they would start by giving you a pedicure, and then a manicure and facial. And then you would get a awesome massage, while christen music is playing in the back ground. They will brush your hair out and style it just the way you like it. When you are done, you will put a outfit on that Anthony sent we me earlier and he picks you in my convertible and you guys go and have just a relaxing dinner and then take a long walk down by the lake. I will take your daughter home with me to play with my 5 grandchildren and you and Anthony can just enjoy each others company. Happy Birthday to You.

RoseRed said...
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Anonymous said...

I would make you a card that says Happy Birthday to a wonderfully blessed Mommy and inside I would put a homemade poem from me to you. I would tell you how your story has inspired me to cherish every moment in life and how to Praise the Lord even through lifes toughest storms. And it would end with Your an amazing sister of God and even though we have never met, I am blessed to have you in my life.

Anonymous said...

Holly, my gift would be to hang out with you and talk...about everything and anything. NOthing is off limits. To be able to share Carleigh with me with no restrictions. To be able to share your life with Anthony, Hannah, Kyndra, Carleigh, and Jordan. Sometimes just knowing that you can really 'TALK' to someone is the best present. Of coures, we could do all this chatting over coffee & dessert or a good meal somewhere. But sometimes being somewhere peaceful and quiet like a park or the beach or somewhere is even better.

Anonymous said...

I would give you a babysitter for the weekend. That way you and Anthony could enjoy the weedend and do what ever you choose. The weekend would be totally up to you!! You wouldnt have to worry about getting up early or cooking for anyone all you had to worry about is how to feel your quite free time. I hope you birthday is feel with all the blessing you wish for.
Happy Birthday Holly

Anonymous said...

You have the same birthday of my littel boy I gave up 18 years ago.
Jacob Dwayne---- I hope that God gave him a better life than I could have at age 15. Its nice to know that he shares a birthday with one of Gods angels. I wish I could give you Carleigh back but I know she is in heaven looking down at you waiting for you to come home.

Anonymous said...

I would give you the gift of going back in time and be able to spend some more time with Carleigh before she flew home for her eternal home. I would let time stand still so you and your family could just bask in the togetherness and make many happy memories together. Of course since that is not something possible for man to do. I would instead find a handmade mommy necklace that you could wear everyday.
I wish you a wonderful birthday Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly, upon my journey I have looked at several websites for somethings of comfort and came across a wonderful website called I went back on there and found somethings that would be perfect for you on your birthday. Atleast I think they would. I can not afford much at all, so these things are very inexpensive have true meaning. There is necklace called "I Will Comfort You Angel Wing Pendant" This beautiful silver angel's wing pendant comes on a gift card. On the back of the wing "I will comfort you" is engraved. The card reads "Your Angel's Wing...This message is simple and really quite clear; A gentle reminder, Your Angel is near." 18" chain Wing size: 1 1/4" x 1/2"

There is also another necklace called "I am with You Always Necklace and Card"
This is a perfect gift for someone who has lost a loved one. The sterling silver heart-shaped pendant measures 1" x 1"; hangs from a chain that adjusts from 16" to 19" Comes with a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" prayer card. Gift Boxed. To read the poem click "View Poem" below.

I am with You Always Necklace and Card Poem

As you hold me close in memory,
even though we are apart,
my spirit will live on,
there within your heart...
I am with you always.
When you lean on trusted friends
and their caring hugs enfold you,
within their loving arms,
I'll be there to hold you...
I am with you always.
And beyond the far horizon when we'll finally be together,
where love will be eternal and life will last forever...
I am with you always.
Text © Abbey Press, St. Meinrad, IN. 47577

Along with those I would give you my friendship and love as you are such a wonderful lady and I am happy to call you my online friend!!!

Oh and I would also try to get you a case of Oreo Cakesters!!!! Have you tried the new Peanut Butter ones?? They are pretty good too!!!!

((((((BIG HUGS)))))))
May you have the best birthday anyone could ask for!!!
If you want to see your gifts here is the link for them.....

Anonymous said...

I would give you and your family a coupon worth 5 free movies from your local movie renting place, and a $50 gift card for supplies so that you could have movie night(s) with your family.

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

I would give you the book Mommy, Please Don't Cry if you don't already have it. And a sketch or painting of Jesus holding Carleigh in His loving arms.

Anonymous said...

If it were possible, I would give you another day with Carleigh, which, to me, would be the most meaningful gift a mother could have on her birthday.

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