Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are you in need of prayer??

I am so thankful for the many people who read my blog and have prayed and continue to pray for me. Your support through my journey means so much. I want to do the same for you.

If you have a prayer request(s) I would be honored to pray about it. No request is too big or too small. It can be for yourself, a friend or family member, a job, a tough situation....anything at all. Just leave a comment below so more people besides myself can pray or you can email me at if you would like to keep your prayer request(s) more private.

Thank you for all your prayer requests so far. I am surely praying for each and every one.

To one of the anonymous posters below (I decided to post it here instead of in a comment in case it could help others):

It's ok to be angry and hurt over things that have happened in our lives. When people don't understand, know that God does. When people turn away from you, know that God never will. Even when you feel people don't love you, know that God's love is deeper and unfailing. Here is something that may be helpful:

A book you might consider is Love Beyond Reason: Moving God's Love from Your Head to Your Heart by John Ortberg. It has some really good reviews. I haven't read it myself but it sounds very good.

Having faith and walking in Christ is not always easy. Sometimes your walk may be more of a crawl. We all struggle at some point in our lives. During these lowest times is when we need God the most. I am very thankful God has been there for me. I know that God can take the bad things that happen in our lives and use them for good-He may not do it right away and we may never know the good that comes from it, but God does.


Anonymous said...


I have been following your blog for about a month now! I look forward to your posts everyday.
Well I have a prayer request. I have stayed home with my two daughters for 10 months now. My oldest is 5 and the little one is 10 months. Due to financial difficulties I have decided to go back to work. My baby is very attached to me and I am scared to leave her, although I know she will be in good hands with her grandma. Just pray for me to be at ease with my decision! Thank you so much!

Beautiful Blessings said...

The power of prayer is such an awesome thing! I know that you have said in the past that it is not you that is so strong through all of this, but God giving you the strength to make it through. I can totally relate to that.

Something that you could pray about for our family is for my mom, Beth. Seven and a half months ago she went into the ER with what we were told were classic high blood pressure headaches and it ended up being a Gleoblastoma and we were told that she could buy some time with surgery but that she would not survive and the tumor would end up taking her life. She is still with us but since Mothers Day has been quickly fading. I still believe that God could heal her, but if that is not in His will, if you could just pray for physical strength as we are the ones taking care of her and peace to accept the things that are and find some comfort as we prepare for the loss of our mom at such a young age.

You have been such an inspiration to me and so many in your walk with the Lord!

Momma2AnUnbornAngel said...

Hi, Holly. As you read earlier on my facebook. I have been having a rough day today, heck for practically over a week now. Will you please pray for me that God will give me the strength and guide me to the right decision in this situation. It is reguarding me babysitting my nephew and it is getting to be a little bit too much right now concidering what I am going through at the moment. I mean do not get me wrong, I love him with all of my heart, but I think that I need to have time for my family and I, because I feel like we are falling apart right now. My problem is I do not want his parents mad at me for this. Please pray for me and pray that God will lead me and them in the right direction. Bless you for being such a wonderful person and mommy. ((((HUGS)))) Mia

nsrush83 said...

Holly, you know about the things I need prayer for...
One, my sister and the rest of her pregnancy. As you know she was pregnant with twins and we found out one died. She is 22 weeks, so she will have to carry the baby to term and deliver her when she delievers the live baby. There is a risk of the live baby having the same thing happen to her that happened to the deceased one. She also found out she has gestational diabetes.
And for me and my fertility problems. I am facing not having any more children, if I can not have a certain surgery. Thank you for continued support and prayers. My church and I are still praying for you and your family!

stitchndeb said...

My oldest son and husband hate each other and can't get along. I feel like I'm in the middle. The rejection each of them feels really hurts me and I don't know what to do or even if there is anything I could do, but I'm under a lot of stress about this. Pray that I can hold up. Thx. ~Debbie

Anonymous said...

Hello, I will do this just by asking for prayers and ask what you think. I have been doing alot of searching in my life and I do feel alot of anger, hurt in some past things that has happen to me. I have felt that in relationships that because things didn't work out for me in marriage that I put the blame on myself. I often ask God what is wrong with me that I feel nobody loves me enough to stay married. AmI not lovable enough,pretty enough or have something wrong with me. I just always wanted to get married have a family and be that one person that would stay married to that one person for a life time. Am I being punished for a reason because I tried to love and couldn't be loved back. I blame myself maybe I tried to hard. Keep me in prayers because having a tough time and the hurts in harder after you been hurt more than a couple of times. My christian walk is not where it is suppose to be because I feel sometimes that howcan God love me when I feel not loved. Having a hard time with issues. Not knowing aany good scriptures to help or a book that might help me out. Sometimes the lonelness is hard. Cause I think will I ever get the chance to love again or is this God's way of saying he gave me chances and I couldn't make things work. Keep me in prayers .I follow your blog and you are an inspiration of the strength in God amazes me. Because when I think what you have been through with Jordon and Carleigh, it makes me thik to stop whining about this issue because you have been through so much more. Thankas foe listening and maybe prayers can help me through this time, cause it has hurt a long time for me and maybe I have been putting it on the backburner thinking the feelings will go away. Thank you to anyone who prays.God bless you and your followers.

croleyc69 said...

Wow Holly this is really nice, this week on Tuesday my husband found out that he has to take a week off every month without pay & I am not working so I would like for some prayer for that. We always some how make it but it's sorta scarey w/ the way things are now. Also my Mom has had cancer both breasts removed & now it might be comming back again. I live so far away & I'm so scared she will get real sick again & I'm not that close anymore. Also this past pregnancy gave me some problems while giving birth hoping I will mend & be back to myself soon. I have hair line fracture to my pelvic bone due to the force while giving birth. Thank-you again for this & I continue to pray for you & your families daily. Your blog has helped so much. You are a AWESOME person Holly & I'm so glad your my friend. HUGS Caroline

HappyascanB said...

I definitely thought I was following you already! I am now!! What a blessing you are, Holly. God is truly working through you and your heartache. As He often does. But I'm thankful you're being such a willing vessel for Him. He will bless you!!!

Jessica said...

First off thank you Holly for being selfless! You are wonderful.

Lee ((a close friend of my mothers)) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I am not sure date. From my mother I have gathered that it has escalated to, how would you say it any other way but as the end. While miracles can and do happen, I just want prayers that his pain and suffering are eased and that Cathy, his wife, can be strong for the both of them.

As always you can family are in my prayers and thank you again for giving the gift of prayers back to others!

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