Friday, June 26, 2009

Attention moms who carried to term

I am asking all of my mommy friends who have carried their precious ones to term to help me help out a friend!

Her name is Stephanie and her little boy Vayden was born May 23, 2009 and lived for 3 hours and 45 minutes. He was diagnosed in utero with a severe case of LUTO (Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction). I know Stephanie through Cafemom and I also followed her blog Through My Mothers Eyes...Vayden's Story through her journey with Vayden. She's such a great woman and momma and her little boy is so precious!

Stephanie is working on a project to donate 345 Teddy Bears to perinantal diagnostic centers and hospitals for women who choose to carry to term, suffer late term miscarriages, have a stillbirth, or lose their babies in the NICU. The number 345 represent the 3 hours and 45 minutes that Vayden lived. A portion of her website is titled "Why I Carried To Term".

Stephanie would love for mothers who carried to term in a positive manner to give her a brief reason why they carried to term and also your name, your baby's name, their birth and death date, and your blog or website if you are willing. If you have a blog or website she will link it. Please email this information to her at I've already given Stephanie my information and reason and I hope you will too!

The purpose is to show women facing the hard choice that they are not alone in their feelings and that carrying to term, while difficult, is a road that is worth taking.


Celia said...

I think what she is doing is a wonderful thing. What a way to honor her precious little boy!
You can count me in!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

That is such a great ministry!! Wow. I am so inspired and humbled by stories like yours and Stephanie's. You truly walked through the valley of death, but held tightly to your Savior's hand.

Nickel Pickle said...

I will write to her tonight!

Stephanie said...

Holly, thank you so much, you are amazing and that portion of the website I love so much because it's so real and so true. Not someone who's never walked in our shoes or felt our feelings, the reason i've recieved so far are so inspiring and if I were facing such a difficult choice I would surely think twice. I'm still working on your special gift mama. I think you're gonna love it. TTYL

Jessica said...

That is very inspiring. There are way to many mothers out there ((I think)) that would not carry due to malformations/complications ect. that I am very inspired by you Holly and so many others that carry to term, deal with what comes of it, support others, and move on ((but never forget)) in such a way that...there are no words for you. All you ladies are so strong, blessed in everyway, and hold our Savior so close to your heart and believe in Him to the fullest, that again it is VERY inspiring!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Sufficient Grace will gladly donate some bears to the cause. I will get with Stephanie. Thanks so much for sharing this.

Love you...

Anonymous said...

hi you dont know me but ive been following your blog for awhile now a mom posted about you in one of my cafemom groups awhile back as you were nearing the arrival of your gorgeous baby girl. you are an amazing woman . i personally do not have any children who have or were born with severe/fatal birth defects both my of boys are very healthy and im very lucky for that. i currently am just about 34 weeks along with my 3rd baby boy and even tho nothing is wrong with him i was wondering if this lady would allow me to share in her plight and send a teddy bear. i would really love to show my support. please email me at and i will gladly send her all my information.

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