Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update on me & a few other things

I hope everyone's weekend has been good. I've taken several much needed naps and would love to sneak another one in. I've been feeling quite tired lately. I just wanted to take the time and let everyone how I have been doing lately and let you know of some things to look out for in the near future.

Aside from being tired, I have been doing well. I've been missing Carleigh like crazy lately and I've had some emotional times. I am ok. It's not sad for me, really. I'm actually quite happy and a joy radiates my soul when I think of my daughter. But I miss her and as I see babies around her age I miss her even more because I wonder what she would look like now and what cute things she would be doing. I'm so blessed to have Kyndra to love on. It really would be much more difficult without her.

Speaking of Kyndra, I find myself not wanting to be apart from her for long when it's not necessary. Today in church she was starting to act up so Anthony took her to the nursery. When he left with her I felt so strange because there was nothing in my arms. It felt wrong and my eyes started to swell with tears. I almost got up and left but Anthony came back and he had her blanket and bunny with her. I took them from him and held them the rest of the service. I felt better just having something in my arms to hold. Hopefully I can learn to be a little less anxious with this.

Anthony and I are TTC and haven't had any luck these past 2 months. AF came very unexpectedly this month-just the day after our supposed best day to conceive. I was so bummed. So thanks to my friend Laura (thank you!) we have some OPKs to help out this next round. I'm hoping for a BFP soon! (Confused on my abbreviations? Click here. I know all my fellow CMers will get me. lol)

Carleigh's headstone is still not up but we should be getting a call soon from Brian telling us it is.

I have a giveaway I plan on doing sometime this week so keep your eyes open for that.

Are there any BlogFrog users out there? I have one of their community widgets on my right sidebar. Well, I am now one of their superusers (aka community leaders). :) I'll be trying out new tools and widgets for them and giving them feedback. In trying out these things, I'll be testing them on my blog! I've started some discussions in my Caring for Carleigh community on the BlogFrog. Stop by and check it out because I'd love to hear from you!

Have you been wondering something about me or want to get to know me better? You'll soon get your chance! I'm going to have a Q & A post at some point this week where you'll get to ask me some questions and I'll have the privilege of answering them all! And then I'll turn the tables and ask you some questions to get to know you all better! (Thanks to the recent blogs who did posts like these for the inspiration.)

You may have noticed some changes in the look of Carleigh's blog. Christina added a navigation bar for me and did a great job! (She's designing blogs again if you want a new look!) The navigation bar frees up some space on my sidebars. The only link still not working yet is Carleigh's Story. I'm still in the process of getting all of her story down and it may take me the whole week to do it. Rest assured I will get it done!


Nicole said...

I like the new navigation links at the top; I opticed it right away.
It must be difficult to see babies who were born the same time as Carleigh...
Hey, I know alllll the TTC abbreviations, we were trying for 2 years! Bring it on! Cant wait for Q&A!

Andi said...

Thanks for the little update on life!! I am praying for that big fat positive!!

croleyc69 said...

So glad you are doing ok, been thinking about you a lot. I'm sorry that you miss Carleigh & I know it has to be tough. I pray for you so much. I have a letter started to you if I could just finish it. I'm so glad you have Kyndra to I know it has to help. I'm excited for the new things you talked about. I have a BlogFrog but not sure what all to do with it, LOL. Also hoping Carleigh's Headstone gets put up soon & before I forget sending you some Baby Dust. HUGS :)

~Brenda said...

Hi Holly,

Just stopping in to say hi. Looking forward to this BlogFrog project we are doing. You are very transparent in your writing, and I appreciate that so much. Keep up the good work!


MommyIvy said...

Thanks for the update. The page is looking great. I have a blogfrog, but I am not sure how it works yet. I will be saying a prayer that you get your BFN soon! GL!

Betty said...

I know how you feel about the anxiety. I have the same problem with Luke...and he leaves for a week at the time. It's so hard for me. I often wake up to find myself in his bed when he's not home.
I'm glad you are doing well over all. We've been, ok, I have been, praying you and Anthony will be able to conceive!

Mary Ellen said...

I like the navigation bar it looks really nice. I am excited to hear that you are TTC! We have decided to as well :-) So hopefully it will be a very short and uneventful journey for us both. I pray for a very long and boring, healthy pregnancy ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling lots better and hope that a new baby is on the way soon! I remember how it was hard for me to see other babies and I couldn't go to baby showers for a long time afterward. Kyndra must be a lot of comfort for you.
Blessings, Sarita

stitchndeb said...

I'm sorry you're missing Carleigh and feeling anxious. The upcoming Q & A sounds interesting! I hope you don't have too long of wait for TTC. ~Debbie

Mom Putnam said...

I miss Carleigh ALOT too and I miss Kyndra even more.--Got my computer back yippee!!!!!!!!

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