Friday, October 30, 2009

I thought of you today

I woke up this morning and got ready for work.
I thought of you today.

I drove your sister to the sitter's.
I thought of you today.

I listened to KLOVE while finishing my drive.
I thought of you today.

I got to work and walked inside.
I thought of you today.

The morning was busy like it always is.
I thought of you today.

I got free popcorn when I got my lunch.
I thought of you today.

I practiced doing EKGs.
I thought of you today.

I watched Lindsey's baby on the ultrasound.
I thought of you today.

I left work and went outside.
I thought of you today.

The air was warm with a gentle breeze.
I thought of you today.

I picked up your sister and hugged her tight.
I thought of you today.

We went to the cemetery because it was so nice out.
I thought of you today.

We laid in the grass and laughed by your stone.
I thought of you today.

We drove home and sang sweet songs.
I thought of you today.

I got the mail.
I thought of you today.

I put your sister down for a nap.
I thought of you today.

She woke up and we played with toys.
I thought of you today.

Daddy will come home very soon.
I'll be thinking of you then.

We'll eat supper and watch tv.
I'll be thinking of you then.

I'll take a bath and get ready for bed.
I'll be thinking of you then.

I'll say a prayer and go to sleep.
I'll be thinking of you then.

With every action your on my mind.
I'm thinking of you now.


croleyc69 said...

That is so beautiful. {{HUGS}}

Holly K said...

Wow - that post just captured my heart and took me away for a few minutes - beautiful. I am going to share it with my Mother-in-law (she is visiting for several weeks). But not because she lost a child, because she lost her husband. Her husband died after emergency brain surgery almost a year ago, Christmas Day. They were married for over 60 years and together for years before that.

She has had a rough year. It is still very painful for her and she will probably grieve for the rest of her life. I think this poem will touch her deeply and she'll feel like someone else knows what it feels like to lose a loved one, no matter how long you got to live with each other.

Stephanie said...

Holly, that was beautiful.

Emily said...

So sweet. I'll bet she's thinking of you today, too.

The McDaniel 3 said...

Holly, this is perfect.

Mindy said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Lea said...

Stunning, heartfelt.... lovely, Holly.

Thank you.

April said...

sweet holly - it breaks my heart.

As the weather gets cold and bitter - and the snow starts to cover the ground. I hope you will feel Carleigh's presence as your visits to the cemetary may be fewer than before.


Jill said...

That is so touching and incredibly sweet and beautiful.

Thinking of you and Carleigh today.


Missing Kasey said...


Jess said...

Beautiful and so true, Holly!

Amber said...

Oh Holly, that was truely beautiful.

Kate said...

So beautifully put! Thinking of you too!

Heather's House said...

This makes my heart break.

Just Breathe said...

Holly, that is beautiful.
Forever and always you will think of her today.

Betty said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever read...

Mary said...

I like this post because it really tells how it is. Our babies are always in our constant thoughts even when it may not be something that even relates to them. Hugs!

Stephanie said...

That was beautiful holly

stitchndeb said...

I really, really liked this. Kind of reminds me of the scene in E.T. when he says goodbye to Elliott and he points to his heart "I'll be right here." It's nice to know our babies are only a thought away. This poem really gets it. ~Debbie

Nan & Mike said...

Thinking of you and Carleigh (((HUGS))) Nan xo

Danielle said...

Holly, how sweet! I know with all my heart Carleigh is thinking about you just as often :)

Jennifer Ross said...

Very very beautiful Holly...

Sharon said...

A very loving and beautiful post, Holly. Our little ones are always on our minds and in our hearts as we go through our days without them.

Stacy D said...

This was beautiful, and hit me right where I am today. Spencer and I spend quite a while in Babies R Us looking at stuff for baby sister, and when we finally left, all I could think of was how much I missed Isaac and longed for him to be here.... thought of all the things I never got to do with him or buy for him. Ugh.

So thank you for sharing... this touched my heart.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

What an amazing will be thinking of her always...thoughts of her will be with you in all you do. Such a beautiful way to convey this...

Love you...

Heather said...

What a beautiful way of stating how our babies are always in our thoughts.

Franchesca Cox said...

Holly, this is so true and beautiful.


AKD said...

This is just so beautiful.

Ali <3 <3 said...

That is simply beautiful.

Cecilia said...

So beautiful and so true!

Once A Mother said...

what a sweet poem for Carleigh... my favorite line was this one
"We laid in the grass and laughed by your stone."
what a beautiful image.

HappyascanB said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I just don't know what else to say other than beautiful!!!

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