Monday, October 12, 2009

Carleigh's ornament & cemetery on video

I got a lovely surprise today at work from one of my coworkers. Sharon buys a Hallmark ornament for our babies' first Christmas so we can hang it on the tree. She brought an ornament in for my other coworker and also for me. I just thought it was so nice of her to remember me and Carleigh. I don't think a lot of people would think to do that for us. So thank you so much, Sharon!!

The ornament is absolutely perfect. It's in the shape of a heart and has a place where I can put a photo of her in and it has the words 'Remembered with love' below the picture. All around the picture there are stars. On the back of the ornament there are stars surrounding the saying 'The true testament of a life well-lived is the love we leave behind'. I just need to figure out what picture I want to put in it now!

I usually like to visit Carleigh at the cemetery at least once a week. However, the weather has been less than favorable lately (rain) so I haven't made it out for a couple weeks now. Today was a pretty nice day so Kyndra and I seized the opportunity to visit her. I also wanted to check on her flowers to make sure they hadn't blown away again, which they hadn't thank goodness.

I decided to video our little visit with my cell phone. Kyndra just makes these visits so much fun. (Sorry if I am really loud in them! lol)

Running around and having some fun in a cemetery.

Peek-a-boo!!! I see you!

She finally speaks her sissy's name so you can hear it!


Just Breathe said...

That is so cute, her saying Carleigh. The videos are all so precious. Love the ornament, that was very sweet.

Emily said...

I love the ornament!

Brooks said...

I love how you let Kyndra have fun while she's there. It's nice that she'll be able to talk about her sister and not feel like it's too sad or a taboo subject. The ornament is perfect too.

Rikki said...

The ornament is beautiful. It was lovely of her to get it for you. Kyndra is so cute.

croleyc69 said...

The ornament is so beautiful. Kyndra is so cute in the videos. Well of course after watching the last video I'm all teary eyed. How cute & I know that alot of times I think of you when I call my Carly. I know they are spelled different but she will forever be remembered in our home. I also love Kyndra kissing sissy. Thanx for sharing & my heart breaks for you. Prayers & {{HUGS}}

Nickel Pickle said...

Darn! I wish I had sound here so I could hear her! :(

Once A Mother said...

what a beautiful visit with her sister. thank you so much for sharing this. its funny, watching it I was struck by the date on Carleigh's grave. I mean, I knew, but something about the re-realization that that your Carleigh just passed this year took me by surprise. I am five months further in this journey than you, and yet, you seem wiser somehow. You bring such comfort to so many, I envy your strength.

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