Friday, October 02, 2009

Angel Book Giveaway

This is giveaway #1 of Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month. Many of us moms refer to our babies as angels. The word angel is an endearing term for our little ones. Just take a look at the things that the word angel can mean for our babies:
  • A messenger of God
  • A person who performs a mission of God or acts as if sent by God.
  • A person having qualities generally attributed to an angel, such as beauty or purity.
  • A person whose actions and thoughts are virtuous.
  • An attendant or guardian spirit.
  • A deceased person whose soul is regarded as having been accepted into Heaven.
Just as God can use our angels to help people, He sends real angels for His purpose. I can think of at least one moment in my life where I'm pretty sure that God sent His angels to protect me. I was in a motorcycle accident on April 15, 2003. There is no explanation of how I came out of that accident how I did other than God protecting me. It really should've been much worse than what it was. I am thankful that my injuries weren't more severe.

What I would like to give away is a 3 volume set of books called In The Company of Angels by Robert Strand. These books contain true stories of encounters with angels. I have had the pleasure of reading these books and wanted to pass on a set to someone else.

To be entered into the giveaway, please leave a comment telling me if you've ever had an encounter with an angel.

This giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, October 7th.


Franchesca Cox said...

For me, my encounter or experience surrounds Jenna's death. The morning the nurse called us and told us she would not make it, we rushed down to the NICU from the Ronald McDonald house where we were staying. The doc tried to explain the situation when we got there and I pushed her away. I knew her time had come and didn't care to talk anymore about her condition. All along, I had been praying that Heaven's angels would be singing to her while she was in the NICU, on the breathing machine and fighting for her life. That morning I believe that angels were singing to her as she left this earth.

Bree said...

I watched my dad encounter angels when I was with him when he passed. As he was dying, he stood up from his bed and said, "let's go." I truly believe he was carried to heaven by angels. I also strongly feel that my dad visited me once. I woke up from sleep to see him standing over my bed waving at me. I wish I could receive a visit from my Ella.

Trisha Larson said...

I haven't had an encounter with an angel but I have had the benefit of God talking directly to me. It was at the end of a very difficult trial 8 years ago when He spoke to me and told me that it was over and I had learned what I needed to. I've been praying hard that the same would happen again. Ready for this trial to be over.


croleyc69 said...

I was in a terrible 3-wheeler accident in March 1986 & I went through a barb wire fence and never knocked it down. I had my sister on with me & she only got scraped up & I had 2 holes in my neck and had over 200 stitches. The doctor's were amazed that I made it, I lost so much blood & I went home that nite and didn't stay in the hospital. I just missed my juggler vein by 1 inch. I know God had a angels there watching over me.

Laura said...

This is going to sound bizaare- but the day I delivered my twin boys I felt God and angels in the room. There was an amazing peace in the room although I had learned just minutes ago that one of my children had died. It was very odd- but the comfort I felt that night as they pulled both my dead and living sons from my body was unexplainable. I knew in that moment that we would be o.k. that Andrew was o.k. and I would be safe. The journey of living with a broken heart has been one of many twists and turns but I can say that the one constant in my life has been the knowledge that my son is safe and I will one day be reunited with him. I felt the same presence when I was in the room as my father-in-law passed- amazing peace- and I only pray that others sense it too.
Hugs to you!

mommy_2_alexander said...

Honestly I have encountered a few people that I would consider an angel but the greatest person that entered my life was named Gloria. Gloria was the type of person you would never see with a frown. She was always smiling and made the room light up when she entered it. This is the lady who lead me to the Lord. Shortly after she discovered her cancer that once had been in remission was now back attacking her body worse then ever. Through it all she smiled. Last time I spoke to her she told me that she loved me and for me not to cry over her because she was where she wanted to be. I remember her kissing my head and telling me she was tired. She closed her eyes. Within hours she had left this world. Leaving a HUGE impact on my life. When I lost my first baby I named her Gloria Grace after the woman who was in my life for a short time but I believe is watching over me and holding my little angels.

Jennifer Ross said...

After all of the close calls that I've had in my life.... I'm sure God had a whole group of angels watching over me. LOL :P

Jess said...

My angel story is very similar to Laura's. The day I delivered my Eliana, there had been fear and heartache leading up to the birth, but when the time came for her to come, the peace that filled the room was completely supernatural. I believe there was a whole myriad of angels there with us, and God's presence was also there in a unique and special way as we sang songs and held our baby girl. I titled my blog Peace Like a River for this very reason. For about two weeks afterward, I continued to feel a special, inexplicable peace, like being wrapped in a warm blanket. It was definitely God's presence, His angels, and the prayers of His saints, all carrying us through those early, most difficult days.

Sherry said...

Mine doesn't deal with the loss of a child but the loss of my father. I was attending summer school before my freshman year in high school to get ahead. I had a odd feeling all morning in class. Something was wrong. Well I was stopped in the hallway by a friend who was my angel so to say. It made it so that I saw my mom in my dads truck with my uncle behind them ( I was riding my bike home). I knew something was wrong with my dad. Ended up my dad suffered a stroke. The man I had grown up with for 14 yrs was gone. Now I still have a father, just not the one I grew up with. He has changed. He is anger and bitter. I miss my daddy!

SSBenjamins said...

It was 5 years ago. I was 24 weeks along with our son Ashton, my husband and I were walking into my appt. I turned to my husband and told him "There will be no heart beat", he just looked at me.. we went in to see the Doctor, I told him the same thing, he said No, just because your first baby was premature does not mean this baby will have the same issues. Everything is ok- it was not and I told him, he said why are you calm? I was not sure but I knew NO matter what I was carrying and angel inside me, an angel who only needed a body. It took 4 days to deliver our sweet baby boy- I feel him around me all the time. I felt him when I had my now 4 year old daughter, when she was premature and then when I lost my 20 weeker and again a 10 weeker- his brother's, I have 3 sweet angels that surround me. Though the hardest days in my life I am blessed to be reunited with my wonderful angels. I will never forget my daughter being only 3 years old and telling me that she saw Ashton in the sky with Jesus, that Ashton told her he was good and that Jesus and him love us, she has talked to him SO many times..

Nickel Pickle said...

I dont know if I have ever had an encounter or not....I came close to bleeding to death once & could have easily died..

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