Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

First, I want to ask that you pray for Courtney and Jason. They have lost another son, Wyatt, and no doubt this is very difficult for them. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers with all that they are facing.


The weekend started out on Friday being 14 months since Carleigh's birth. I actually didn't even realize it until later in the day. I'm doing really well. Many more good days than bad days. I still miss her so much. (Highlight of the day-I got my hair cut and was able to donate to Locks of Love. Yay!)

On Sunday, May 30th, our church had their memorial service and Carleigh was added to our church's memorial roll. We got a certificate with her name on it and was presented with a red rose. Everyone also brought in their own flowers from their gardens and elsewhere to create a memorial bouquet. We didn't bring a flower but my friend Lori was there and had brought a flower in and gave it to us to add to the bouquet. I appreciated that so much!! And I was a little teary during it all because I missed her so much.

Today we went out to the cemetery to place a wreath by Carleigh's grave for Memorial Day. The wreath that we placed was one that I have kept in our closet for over a year now. It was given to us for Carleigh's funeral and I kept it for this exact reason. We had to stop by the flower shop to pick up a holder for it since we didn't have one. Thankfully they were open that day! (I figured they would be though.)

So we went out to the cemetery and the weather was just beautiful out. It was warm and sunny (but unfortunately a little humid too!). Kyndra was pretty excited and starting running around right away collecting things like rocks and flowers. I put up the wreath while Anthony took some pictures. Then we just spent some time out there for a little bit. The horses were there like always and I got them in one of the pics. Kyndra picked some flowers for sissy and gave them to her and then we said goodbye. So here are lots of pics from our visit:

So, we had a pretty good weekend overall.


The McDaniel 3 said...

I love all the pictures. You look great Holly!!! The picture of Kyndra kissing or talking to Carleigh is just precious!

Shandrea said...

I love the pictures. Hugs;)

croleyc69 said...

Wonderful pictures and it looks like a beautiful day. My favorite out of all is the little dandelion laying on top. So precious, they are all great. Beautiful wreath and all of you look great. So nice to have Carleigh added to the church's memorial roll. Thanx for sharing them.

My heart is broken for Courtney and Jason. I have been thinking of them all day and the kids and I prayed a special prayer just before bed tonight.

Take care

Sarita Boyette said...

The pictures are so nice! I love Kyndra's flowers and her kiss on Carleigh's stone. The wreath is beautiful & I love your little baby bump and your new haircut!And you got to donate to Locks of Love!That is amazing!The memorial certificate is just beautiful. Remembering Carleigh with you.

Michelle said...

She is in such an amazing place! I just love how peaceful it looks there. I loved the wreath and your family is adorable!!!

Andrea said...

Kendra Kissing incredibly sweet <3

Carleigh's "garden", as I like to refer to this place, is absolutely beautiful. It's just serene Holly to see the farm and the horse pasture.

Your wreathe is beautiful too :)

Know that I keep you all in my prayers, as I know some days are not as easy as others...and how your church honored Carleigh is so touching.

Be well sweet friend,

Lori said...

I love how special Kyndra's and Carleigh's relationship is...certainly not the way that you wanted it or planned it, but so, so priceless nonetheless. What a gift.

Lots of love! xoxo

Kari said...

How nice for your church to do that for families. I like the certificate. All those photos are beautiful. Carleigh really has a beautiful headstone. I've told you before - but it is beautiful! Glad the weekend was good for you guys!

Hope you are feeling well!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

What beautiful pictures!

AKD said...

That is so incredibly nice that your church remembers Carleigh in such a sweet way. I'm glad you're having so many good days.

Kyndra and Carleigh seem so very close - that's so touching.

Jill said...

Such great pictures!!!

Just Breathe said...

Holly, the wreath looks beautiful.
Sounds like a nice service at church. ((HUGS))

elena said...

Aww she was giving sissy kisses :) how precious!!! Melts my heart. What a beautiful day! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Love the wreath!!!


Anonymous said...

the pcitures are beautiful. You look great and I love your hair cut. Kyndra is just too cute.

Ashley Whitmoyer said...

Holls, it's been a long time since I came to Carleigh's blog. Every time I do it sends me back to the day she was born. I hold that day so dear to my heart. I always smile when I think about her and the strength that you showed. And what great family you and Anthony have! So great to see this, I remember you mentioning you were doing this :) By the way I am really loving your hair like this and you are such a beautiful prego ;)


P.S. The card from Kendra that the sitter helped make choked me up a bit! That is so sweet!

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