Monday, September 28, 2009

6 months

It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we said hello and goodbye to our sweet daughter.

6 months.....184 days......

It feels like so long ago that I held my Carleigh in my arms and basked in her presence. It's getting more difficult to remember what she felt like in my arms. This is when I wish I could freeze time so that no more would pass and I could stop the memories from fading. I know those moments will never truly disappear from my memory, but the farther I get away from March 28, 2009, the fuzzier they become. I'm quite thankful I have so many pictures, videos, and keepsakes. I'm also thankful that I blogged about so many moments so that I will always have them.

The day went fine for me. Work was.....well, work. After said work, I picked up Kyndra from the sitter's and we went out to the cemetery. I didn't realize how windy today was until we were out there. Pulling up I could see that half of Carleigh's flower arrangement in her vase was missing. The wind had ripped it away. I left Kyndra in the van and went to survey the damage. There was a lot missing so I looked over the surrounding area to see if I could retrieve any of the missing flowers. I found most of them right in front of her stone, thank goodness. I also found one of her purple flowers quite a few yards away. I was able to put all the flowers back in and I made sure I pushed them in as far as I could to help prevent them from blowing away again. I guess we'll see if I was successful on the next visit.

I created a slideshow of her NILMDTS pictures to share today.

Words can never express how much I love and miss you. While there is pain in my heart from losing you, there is also tremendous joy from knowing you. What a blessing you are to me! You will always be my shining star. Twinkle brightly my sweet little girl.
Love always,


Mary Ellen said...

Praying for you today. Love what you did with the slideshow.

croleyc69 said...

I thought of you so much today & can't believe it has been that long. I just love the slideshow, so beautiful. Praying for you today especially and always. {{HUGS}} from our whole family.
Caroline - The Croley Gang

My Very Own Angel said...

LOVE the slide show. 6 months already is all I keep thinking about when I thought of you today. I remember when I met you first it was only 1 weeks after your loss. As close as i've become to you, I feel as though I've known your for yrs, however when I think about it it surely doesn't seem like 6 months.

love you and Carleigh


The Blue Sparrow said...

Thinking of you and Carleigh today. Love the slideshow, you did a great job on it. Hugs!

April said...

holly, Carleigh's video is beautiful! I remember you asking someone who sang that song (Lisa Lobe) and I was waiting to hear it! Lovely song choice. I can imagine it was difficult to narrow down your photo selection. I am glad you were able to restore the majority of Carleigh's flowers.

I remember my mother being heartbroken one year because she had hand written a poem for my brother and attached it to an arrangement on Adam's headstone. She found shreds of it near his headstone and the rest of scraps in the cemetary trash can. The maintance guy had ran over with his lawn mower. I was about 10 years old and I remember how that effected her. On many levels.

I wanted to say to that the shirts Caring for Carleigh for March of Dimes turned out so well! Your weather for the walk looked like our day... only ours was blowing freezing rain and about 40 deg. BURR! Glad you had a great time and wonderful company!

Alyson said...

Gorgeous gorgeous slide show!!!!

The music was so cute and so fitting. I love upbeat it was. Such a great celebration of her life :0)

Lea said...

Stunning slideshow, Holly.

I have re-posted Carleigh's Angel Wings in her honour tonight:

Thinking of you and all of our Angels.


Mom Putnam said...

I love the video and it doesnt seem like 6 months already and again a grandmother's broken heart, slowing healing.

Franchesca Cox said...

It's so true how you say those memories fade and it seems there is no way to stop it from happening. But, like you, I am so glad I have blogged because all those dates and minor details have somehow gotten blurry even in four months. I am sorry that these six months have turned out the way they have, it is so hard. Your testimony is such a light for me. XX

Franchesca Cox said...

You did a really great job on the slideshow with the pictures. Your Carleigh is just beautiful.

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing Carleigh with us. The slideshow is just beautiful.

Today marks 11 months since we lost Faith. It is so hard to believe that it has been that much time.

God is Still Good!


Bree said...

What a wonderful way to honor your beautiful daughter today. I love it!

EMILY G. said...

thank you for sharing this with us!

Just Breathe said...

Holly, the letter to Carleigh was beautiful. I know how much you miss her. I am so sorry. The video you made is wonderful. You did such a beautiful job on it.
Take care & God Bless. You are in my prayers.

Danielle said...

The slide show is beautiful!

I've noticed lately that Wyatt's face isn't clear to me anymore. I can still visualize it, but I have to stop and think about it. I never thought that would happen. I took such care to memorize his sweet little face...

I can't imagine not having his pictures. We were both lucky to get so many pictures of our babies.

Keeping you especially close in thoughts and prayers today. Happy Half Birthday in Heaven Carleigh :)

Cecilia said...

Happy heavenly birthday, Carleigh!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Thinking of you, sweet friend...and remembering Carleigh with you. I am so glad you have written your memories and have such beautiful photo keepsakes to remember your sweet baby girl. As time goes by, it will help keep your memories alive.

Love you,

Trisha Larson said...

I know how hard the date milestones are. I'm glad that you made it through another one. You're doing good my friend. I'm still on this path with you...holding your hand.


Tina said...

Thinking of you Holly and your beautiful girl. Thank you for sharing her with us...she is perfect. xx

Once A Mother said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Once A Mother said...

Such beautiful pictures of your time with her. Your song choice and words to her reminded me of my favorite passage from Romeo & Juliet where Juliet says "and if he shall die, take him and cut him up into little stars, and he will make the face of Heaven so fine that all will be in love with night and pay no worship to the garish sun." Your sweet Carleigh dances in the sky. And, just as Shakespeare wrote, she makes the face of Heaven fine. Sending you hugs as you remember your precious little girl.

**sorry for the duplicate message here**

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