Thursday, September 17, 2009

Special Reminders

Danielle is asking for everyone to write a post that introduces a special stuffed animal, blanket, or even something random that makes you think about your baby. Even if you haven't lost a baby you are welcome to participate. If you have other children living, you can include what makes you think of them too. Click here to link up and participate.

When I see stars it makes me think of my Carleigh. I refer to Carleigh as Our Shining Star. So when Mary Ellen of Lighthouse Photography created a slideshow of Carleigh's NILMDTS photos using an awesome version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, I just loved it. (Mary Ellen, I would love to know who sings that song!!) One thing I really want to do is get a star named after Carleigh. Then she literally would be our shining star!! This morning (4 am) the sky was really clear and I could see tons and tons of stars in the sky. It was really beautiful and it made me think of my own little star.

One of the things I like to have to remind me of Carleigh is remembrance jewelry. I have a bracelet from Sue from My Forever Child that has Carleigh's footprints. Emily sent me a mother's necklace that has birthstones for Hannah, Kyndra, and Carleigh. I have the necklace I wear almost every day-Carleigh's cross necklace with her baby ring on it. I eventually want to add a charm to this necklace. I want to add a gold charm with Carleigh's hand print from My Forever Child. Right now I am in contact with Tina in designing a hand stamped necklace for Carleigh. For this necklace, the design (which is still in progress) is inspired by Our Shining Star. I can't wait to see how it turns out!! I know Tina will make it just lovely and I'm so thankful she agreed to help me out with designing and making it! There is also one more piece that I want to get eventually from My Forever Child that pays tribute to both my angels.

I think that anything that allows us to be reminded of our beautiful babies is just wonderful.


Once A Mother said...

Your little Carleigh shines over you always, I think it would be a beautiful way for you to honor her.

Kari @ p.s. said...

What a beautiful idea. A couple years ago I had 3 friends lose their babies - one at 19 months f/cancer, one at 10.5 months f/cancer and one 38 weeks in the womb - and I bought them each a star named after their baby. For some reason it's such a beautiful thing to look up in the sky and know that on record one of those magnificent stars is in honor of your child. Carleigh is a beautiful name for a star!

Franchesca Cox said...

That is a wonderful idea. I thought about doing the star naming too. I saw it on that movie, A walk to remember. I am glad you have jewelry to remember your angels by. xx

Just Breathe said...

Your shining star, how beautiful.

stitchndeb said...

A star named after Carleigh would be neat! I also like your remembrance jewelry. You know about the necklace I got for my birthday with the four pink stones in it. From my counseling I'm finally able to acknowledge Claudia's life after almost 25 years and it feels pretty cool. ~Debbie

Lea said...

Such a beautiful thought, Holly.

My middle son has a star named after him. His Aunt and Uncle did it for him shortly after he was born.

I love the idea of having our own shining star.


Mary Ellen said...

Beautiful post Holly! The song is sung by Lisa Lobe. It is one of my all time favorites and is a reminder of my Grace as well. That is why I use it for my NILMDTS galleries.

April said...

How sweet would be to have a star named after Carleigh. Such a wonderful idea. I know that having items such as jewelry, something you can wear everyday to hold close to you heart will bring you sweet memories of your little one every time you look at them.

croleyc69 said...

Beautiful post and Our Shining Star is so Beautiful too. The star naming is so neat to. Our neighbor's did it when there daughter was killed in a car accident. Thanx for sharing.

Tina said...

Thank you Holly for mentioning me and for trusting me to make an extra special piece for your precious Carleigh! xx

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