Thursday, January 29, 2009

OB Appointment #7

Today I had an ob appointment and the dreaded glucose test. Yuck! So I went up and drank the drink. Tasted like flat 7up, which is ok the first couple swallows but as you near the bottom it's not so fun. I had about 3 swallows left of it. The third to last swallow I managed to get down but I could feel my gag reflex working. The second swallow to last I got down and then I gagged and threw it back up-all over my hand, face, and carpet. Luckily, it wasn't very much (although it seems like it describing it). I asked if I had to do it all over again but they spared me and I managed to get the last swallow down. They took me in and got all my stats-weight (116), BP (88/58), and pulse (don't remember). I then did the usual pee in a cup, which was great because I had to go! I then went to my little room to wait for Dr. F. She must've been on the floor for a delivery because she had scrubs on. She asked the basics-swelling, pain, etc. None of that! Everything's good! (Except that annoying heartburn! Thank goodness for Zantac!) She found Carleigh's heart rate with the Doppler and it was beating strong at 140 bpm. Carleigh kept moving around so it was kind of hard to hear it at times. She measured my belly at for me being at 28 weeks it is 25 1/2 cm. So I am measuring behind but I did with Kyndra too so I'm not worried about that. Ideally my fundal height should be around 28 cm because height usually coincides with how many weeks you are. We're not going to get any ultrasounds or anything since I just had one about a month ago and everything looked good then (besides finding out about Carleigh's anencephaly). So then Dr. F left and I sat in the waiting room reading a magazine until the rest of my time was up for my glucose test. They brought me in and drew my blood. Good news! I passed my glucose test! Hooray! No, I didn't know right away. They called me later.


Brooks said...

The way you described that did make it sound like a Big Gulp. All the technology in the world and they can't make that stuff taste better. At least you didn't have to redo it! I'm glad you're feeling good.

Lisa said...

I found your blog through Jen Bovee and have been following it ever since. I wondered if it might be ok for me to ask you a question or two about Anencephaly? In the early 60's I had a cousin born with Anencephaly. He survived for a few hours. Until I found your Blog, I never had a name for why Larry died.
Please don't feel obligated to answer any questions. I want to be sensitive to your feelings.
You can find me at or

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