Monday, January 19, 2009

Can I complain a bit!?

First, if you're wondering why I haven't been posting it is because Kyndra has been sick and I haven't had much time to be on the computer when I'm at home. I believe she caught what Anthony had and she's had a pretty rough weekend but seems to be doing much better. Her chest is still congested some but the fever has gone down. I was hoping she'd be able to get over it without me having to take her to the doctor and it looks like she is. I think she was starting to come down with it last Wed when I had her 12 month checkup and when she got her shots it probably overwhelmed her immune system and it came on pretty quick after that. I already had to take a few days off because of the pink eye she had and now this. I have no family down here to watch her so I have to take off work. I wouldn't mind taking the time off except that it is taking away from my PTO and sick time that I've accumulated so far and that I was trying to save for after Carleigh was born. I had about 5 weeks saved up and now I think I'm below 3 weeks. I really hate that. I wish I had more time. :( I am glad that I will get a week of bereavement that is not taken out of my own time but I still wish I had more. I don't know as of yet how much time I will be taking off but I do know that I can only take off what I have saved up. I can't be off without getting paid.

Maternity leave really sucks in this country. You know, in some countries they get a whole year off! Seriously! Just look at this It's just so pathetic that we're supposed to be one of the more advanced countries in this world yet we don't give mothers they time off they need and deserve.


Brooks said...

Amen! And then if you go back to work too soon people act like you don't love your baby and if you're a stay at home mom people act like you're lazy. There's no winning.

Anonymous said...

Amen sisters! I would have loved an entire year home with Kennedy. I was lucky enough to have 8 weeks, but the first one was in the hospital. ~Dawn

stitchndeb said...

Ugh, every time I take my kids to the doctor for their "well" checkups, they (and I!) catch some cruddy thing just from being in the waiting room with all the sickies.

Anonymous said...

I was reading in some magazine or something that some state in the US actually pays there employee's while on maternity leave! Of course they take so much money out of their check each time they get paid and it goes into a special account for maternity leave, but I just thought that would be cool if everyone did that!

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