Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I got a cookie!

Another productive day for me. I know it may seem like I'm really getting things done and am super organized and just to let you know...I am. :) I like things to be planned and I have the habit of getting it done as soon as possible. That's why once we found out about Carleigh's anencephaly I started planning right away. Today my mission was to look into 3D/4D Ultrasound places and decide which one I want to go with. There's quite a few in Ohio. It came down to Ultrasona, First Expressions, and Envision Imaging. I decided to go with Envision Imaging. They are located in Columbus. Ultrasona is where Lindsey had her 3D/4D done for Alexa and she liked them and the neat thing they do is they can put your baby's heart beat in a bear so you always have it. I really like that idea but not everyone at Ultrasona is a board-certified sonographer. I probably could've requested a registered one but Lindsey and I just felt good about Envision Imaging. (But I really like that bear idea!!!)

I called Envision and asked them a few questions. I double-checked to make sure all their sonographers are RDMS and they are, which is great. I feel more comfortable with someone that is certified doing my scan as I am not going to be your run-of-the-mill ultrasound. I asked also about their prices because on the internet they had fall specials listed and the lady on the phone said the prices were still good. Woohoo! The package I will be getting is normally $215 and the fall special has it at $190. This includes a 20-25 minute session, limited diagnostic report sent to my provider, custom labeled DVD or VHS of my session set to music, gender determination (upon request), 2 black and white 2D pictures, 6-8 black and white 3D pictures, 4 4x6 color 3D pictures, custom labeled CD with all color 3D images taken during session, gift bag with hundreds of dollars of savings on baby and maternity items, $25 off any future 3D/4D session, and a free return session if they are unable to obtain facial pictures of our baby.

I asked the lady on the phone how they deal with situations where the baby has a birth defect. She said that my provider has to know about the defect and it has to have been previously documented, which both are true for me. She then inquired as to what defect it was and I told her anencephaly and then she asked what that was to make sure. I told her and then she knew. She said she was sorry and I thanked her. I went ahead and made my appointment for February 11 at 7:30pm and she made a side note of our situation. I made the appointment late enough so Anthony wouldn't have to leave work early to go. We'll probably be their last appointment of the day. I'm very excited for this and I can't wait to see Carleigh in 3D/4D! I think it will help us to be able to get a good idea of the extent of her anencephaly. I think it will better prepare us for when we finally meet her. We can have family and friends go with us. I believe we can have up to 8 go so I will ask to see if some want to share this experience with us. The website is

Anthony got home a little later today because of the roads. It's been snowing since earlier today. As he's marching up to the door I spot a Great American Cookie box in his hand. Of course first thing out of my mouth when he opens the door is "Hey! You got a cookie! Is that mine?" lol It did end up being my cookie. I was quite excited! It was a cookie slice with the chocolate and vanilla frosting. Yummy! I'm sure I'll be sharing it with him and Kyndra. Anthony said he got me the cookie to say that he's sorry for wanting me to induce early at 30 weeks since it's not what I want. He said he also realized it's not what he wants either. I'm so grateful for such a nice gesture!! I love my hubby!

By the way I've heard that a few people wondered why Anthony wanted me to induce at 30 weeks. No, he's not a big meanie. He was just worried about me. He didn't want me to continue the pregnancy with Carleigh if something was going to happen to me and inducing early would help ease his mind about things going wrong. This pregnancy should continue just like any other and has the same risks as any other "normal" pregnancy aside from increased risks from the problems I had with Kyndra's pregnancy and the increased risk of polyhydramnios because of Carleigh's defect. Polyhydramnios is an increased amount of amniotic fluid because sometimes babies with anencephaly cannot swallow as well as "normal" babies. Since babies swallow the amniotic fluid while their in the womb if not enough is getting swallowed then there will just be more of it. Poly itself has a whole other set of possible complications too but you can't sit and worry about the what ifs. Gotta take it as it comes.


Betty "Jackson" said...

Cookies are the greatest! They make everything at least a little bit better!

stitchndeb said...

It'll be cool seeing her in 3D/4D! I never heard of putting your baby's heartbeat in a bear! That is sweet!! Debbie

HP_Twilight_Freeek said...

That's awesome. When/If we ever conceive again, I want a 3d/4d just in case.

We put Jade's ashes inside a Build-A-Bear, rather than urn, and we had the option to give it a heartbeat. We had decided against it, as it wasn't right for us, but I'm not going to down you if that's what you feel is best. Everyone has their own opinions on those types of situations.

Anonymous said...

You will love these. Luke and Angie had this done for Arabella and it was awesome. It will be something you can treasure forever. Buck and I pray for you daily.

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