Sunday, February 26, 2012

Visit to NMU

President’s Day weekend my friend Kelly and I (along with the girls) made a trip to Chattanooga, TN. Anthony and I didn’t get to make a trip down in October like we usually do so one was planned for February. The plan was to visit the National Memorial for the Unborn (NMU) and meet up with some BLMs. We wanted to try and meet up with some hospitals in the area to for Sufficient Grace Ministries but that didn’t end up happening. We also only ended up meeting with one BLM, our friend Cecilia. It was a little disappointing not being able to meet up with more but we certainly enjoyed our time with Cecilia. (Thank you for coming!)

On Saturday morning we went to NMU and met up with Cecilia there. We got there a little before 10 am and the girls certainly enjoyed exploring around.


After Cecilia arrived and some more time outside we all went inside the memorial where the wall of plaques are located. All of my stuff that I left for Jordan is still sitting on the wall and it’s so nice to see it still there. (Eventually they remove items that have been there for a while to make room for new items.) The poem that I wrote is on the left beside Jordan’s certificate of life. On the right of the certificate is the momma and baby bear I left. On this trip I brought a yellow silk rose for Jordan. All of the items sit below Jordan’s plaque on the wall.


There is no doubt when you visit this place that you know it is sacred ground. You can feel it. I knew at some point I’d prolly get a little teary eyed and I was right. It’s hard not too in a place such as this. Every plaque you see on this wall (and there are many more that you don’t see) is a plaque placed for a baby or babies lost to abortion. This is such a healing place for so many who live with such terrible pain.


Of course before we left we had to get some pictures together!!


Kelly and I had hoped to be able to place the brick pavers that we ordered in the garden during our visit but sadly our pavers were not in yet and Katrina, who does work for NMU, wasn’t able to meet up with us that morning to do a tour either due to a family emergency. She said to go ahead and pick the place that we wanted our pavers placed and this is where I selected for mine. Kelly picked spots to the right of mine. The pavers in the garden are for children who are lost to stillbirth and miscarriage.


After our visit to NMU we went to eat lunch at a local Olive Garden. That whole meal was sort of a blur for me and I didn’t get much conversation in with having to tend to the girls, which was a bummer since I would have liked to talk to Cecilia more but we mommas know how that goes!

Kelly and I spent the rest of Saturday in the area and we went out to dinner later that night and then left Sunday morning to come back home.

Overall, the trip was really great and we had a good time. Thanks to Kelly for making the trip with me!


Linda said...

Hi Holly...Sorry things didn't go quite as you planned...but glad that you had a good time anyway. (:>) Just the travel time together with Kelly would have been wonderful I'm sure...because,she is such a sweetie, just like you Holly.

You two gals sure do have a heart for ministry to mothers. I love all that you do for those who are grieving.

Sweet pictures. It was nice you go to meet Cecilia.

Love you,

Linda said...

0ops!...*got* to meet Cecilia...not go!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like it was a very nice visit to NMU. Love your belly!
Sorry you didn't get to enjoy the lunch as much as you could have. I am sure your stay with Kelly was nice.

TanaLee Davis said...

I love that there is such a place for this type of situation. I hope your trip was healing and left you feeling good. It seems you enjoyed the trip hopefully next time you go there will be more BLM's to join. hugs-

Tesha said...

Wow I am from Tennessee and I never knew that was in Chattanooga. How very special I would love to go visit. I am so thankful for you being so open in sharing the story of Carleigh and Jordan. many blessings

Cecilia said...

It was so nice to meet you both in person! There is just something nice about being with other Mamas who get it. Your girls were precious too! I'm glad y'all enjoyed the rest of your time in Tennessee. Thank you for letting me join in!

Holly said...

So glad you had such another beautiful time there this year! Too bad it wasn't all as planned, but it sounds worth it, no matter what.

Jennifer Ross said...

That looks like such a fun trip to experience! Someday, I hope to be able to do a little traveling.

Cute pics!

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