Monday, February 09, 2009

Just the little things

I've noticed a few things about Carleigh as she hangs out in my tummy. Well, first of all she is very active, but I've also noticed some patterns in her behavior. She is more likely to be active around mealtimes. If I have music playing she will kick around but if I start singing she settles down-like my voice is soothing to her. She can be as active as can be and then when someone wants to feel her move she gets shy. I swear she moves around A LOT! I'm not making that up!! :) Early mornings and evenings she's more active too.

I know she probably has her arms and hands up by her head. On every ultrasound so far that's wear they have been! She's "camera shy" too. My last ultrasound was the first we were able to see her face and profile good. However, that only last a short period before she flipped over. Let's hope she cooperates a little better for our 3D/4D ultrasound on Wed.


Jennifer Bovee said...

Hi! I'm Jenn...I know you from Cafemom...we are in the April group together. When I heard the news about your little baby, it broke my heart but, your attitude about the whole situation spoke volumes to me. I can not imagine the emotions you have gone through. I'm not really sure what has drawn me to following your blog. Maybe its that we are both pregnant, or maybe it's that I am nosey, or maybe it's that I can see God at work, and it just amazes me. I'm sure you don't feel strong most of the time, but I think you have shown amazing strength through this difficult time. Although I am not going through the same thing as you and your family, you have still touched my heart in a way I will never forget. Thank you for sharing your story with me and with the blogging world. I'm sure there is somebody out there right now looking for answers, for strength, for guidance, and God will lead them to you because you will bring Glory to His name through this experience. Sometimes we can't understand why God allows us to go through certain things, but I do know that He would never give us something that we can't handle, and He will never leave us or forsake us...I truely believe He is carrying you and you will be a better person because of your sweet little baby. Thank you again. I hope that you don't mind if I continue to follow your story. I will continue to pray for you and your family. God bless.
Jenn Bovee (ilovemykids616)

Heather said...

Camera shy already! They definitely have their own minds. Hope all goes well at you Wednesday U/S. I love the 3/D its so amazing. I hope she cooperates. Good luck keep us informed!

Brooks said...

I think the way Carleigh has her own personality just reaffirms over and over that it's so right to carry her. I can't believe anyone would ever have said otherwise.
And you know what else, Holly? I was thinking about us growing up together and all those silly games we played on the playground and how I always admired and loved my funny friend so much. And here we are adults and grown with families and I still feel so much admiration and love for you.
Seeing what you've had to say with Carleigh's journey made me feel so sad at first. But now I feel that there is so much goodness in the world and that God is our Father and we are His children and our heavenly family and our earthly family are the most important thing we have and our purpose here.
I'm babbling, but I hope that I've become more appreciative of what we've all been given.

Kim said...

Hey you don't know me but I have been following your blog, when I first started reading it, I cried for you and your husband, felt sorry for you, didn't understand for you and the list goes on and on but the more I read the more I am so amazed by you. I had 3 miscarriages and my own daughter just had a miscarriage a few months ago but to continue to carry your daughter that you know will not be here long, my heart just goes out to you. At this point my daughter can not read your blog cuz the hurt is so fresh but I wish she would, I believe she would be so encouraged by your words. Your pictures of your precious little girl are so overwhelming. Know that I will continue to pray for you all and I will continue to read your blog all the time. Thank you for sharing about Carleigh and the love you have for her. Kim

Melanie said...

She is showing her ways to remeber her by and if shy she is then bless her for letting you know. I have followed your story and it has changed my life as a mom a daughter and a wife. We have to consider every minute of everyday as a gift and the 9 months of our pregnancy we have to charish those days as well. I look at my boys and thank the God that he has given me such wonderful gifts and another on the way. I also felt guilty tell you how ut has touched me b/c my baby is okay and carliegh is not. I pray and think about the both of you everyday, and I wish she was not sick. I can't imagine how strong a person is until they are put in a testing of thier faith and you have gone beyond in showing me how strong you are. I look up to you and you are far better than I am. I have anger and it is not even me. I pray that I become as strong as you. I am sorry if this is coming from everywhere and not making much sense but I am crying right now and I am a mess. <3

Betty said...

That was my FAVORITE part of being pregnant...feeling the little life growing inside of me.
Just one more sign that you are doing the right thing. She has so much life that she is living inside of you...and you get the best present ever from her.

Bud and Judy said...

Holly I you know I have been following your blog since the beginning I can't begin to tell you what a brave girl you are! I so respect your decision to go through this to term. I know that this journey is definitly making my spiritual life a whole lot stronger. I think about what you and Anthony must be going through everyday all day. you two are very great kids and we Love you very much. Mom Haas

Anonymous said...


I agree with Mom Haas, the two of you make us so very proud, and we love you very much. Anthony, thank you so much son for being the wonderful husband you are to my daughter. Love you Bunches.
Mom Putnam

Aunt Jenny said...


You have been in my prays since the begining. Carleigh is as cute as cute can be. Stay strong I know you both will be able to get through it. I was proud of you when I heard you that you where going for term you can do it because you both of family and friends that care and most of all you have the love and support of God. Your always in my prays.

I love you
Aunt Jenny

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