Saturday, February 07, 2009

Behind the Blog

I put a thought bubble on Cafemom today. I got it from the lyrics of Jeremy Camp's song "Take A Little Time".

"...there's more going on, than what these eyes can see."

What I mean by this is that there is more going on behind the scenes in this journey with Carleigh than what I realize. She is touching so many lives, even my own. Of course only God knows how many! I know the tremendous impact she has had on me so I can only imagine how she is changing others.

I would love to hear from you (my blog readers) how our story has impacted your life! Please share!


Betty said...

Carleigh has opened my eyes to anencephaly and the joys that it can bring. When i first heard of the disease it filled me with such sadness and unbelieve. Hearing of Carleigh and seeing you go through the pregnancy has helped to see how it can still be a wonderful time in parent's life. She has reminded me that children are angels that God entrusts us with to care for, and send back to Him. Maybe we touch their lives..but they definetly touch ours, even when we dont get the chance to touch theirs. No matter how long they are with us they are a blessing.
Holly, you have reminded me just how strong a person can be in the face of hard times...not on our own, but how God pulls us in close and holds us through it all...allowing us to feed off His strength. You are a person that i look up to spirtually. I admire your faith and devotion, your strength and moral resolve. I love that you do what you feel is right and stand up for your decision when people go against you. You truly live your life as God would want you to, doing your best to follow the example Christ set for us. You've been an inspiration to me...making me want to be a better christian, making me WANT to take the time to sit down and examine my life. Am I perfect, NO. Do I still do things I know I shouldnt, Yeah. But I'm better. I know what I'm doing wrong and I'm letting God take care of it all. Rome wasnt built in a day, old habits die hard...but you have reminded me of the JOY and HOPE that Christ gives us when we live for Him.
I know this has been long, but I also know that it will lift you up to know how you have touched my and Carleigh both. HaHa! Maybe some day we will actually meet. LoL.

JmCw said...

Hey holly! Thank you for sharing carleigh's story! It means so much to me and seeing the strength that you possess is amazing. You are an amazing woman. Carleigh has really touched my life and opened my eyes to lots of things in this world that we take for granted. You have a beautiful little girl growing inside of you. Before you, I never knew of anencephaly and Im surprised I haven't but it is great that you are able to promote it and promote carrying to term! Thank you!

Emily McCullough said...

I have been out of town and just read your blog. I think you are the most God fearing woman of God. you know what true life is and to not waver from your decision makes you so strong. I have learned from you that you need to love every min. you get to spend with your children. God is an awsome God and he has put you here to be a light to the untouched. Thank you!!

stitchndeb said...

Hi Holly, I was going to say that I thought you were brave going through all this, but some people say that to me about things I go through and I look at them like "Brave?!? I'm scared out of my mind!" Which I'm sure you are as well. This is how your story impacts my life: You are doing the right thing even though it hurts! You are doing it even though it's scary! There are people who wouldn't blink if you had terminated this pregnancy (and sadly even people who would think it was the right thing to do), yet you have strong convictions in your heart telling you to keep her. You really have learned something. I think God is genuinely pleased with you. You have inspired me to listen to my heart's convictions too and to know that God's opinion is the only one I need to worry about. (Squeaky79 from cafemom)

Lisa said...

Hi Holly,
How timely that you put this post on here. My husband and I were just talking about certain situations during pregnancy and what would we do if we found ourselves in any of those situations. I told him about you and little Carleigh and how I just could not grasp the fact that the Medical community believes anencephaly babies move only by reflex. That I had e-mailed you and you had been so kind to respond and answer my questions. I said it didn't make any sense to me at all and I don't believe it. I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for these special little ones and I truly believe Carleigh knows her mama. You & Carleigh have touched my life so much and I think of you and pray for you often and now you are touching my husband's life and thought process as well. Again, God Bless you as you travel this Journey that God has chosen you for!

Anonymous said...

Holly and Anthony, We are thinking of you and praying God will give you the strength to endure this trial in your life. Your faith is amazing and I know HE is walking with you and Anthony....We keep reading your blog but don't know how to post a know how illiterate we older folks are! But know we are thinking and praying for you always! IF we can do anything you know Sarah and Sean are close by if you need someone to watch Kyndra fast! She would be happy to.....STAY focused on Jesus and you will get thru this....little Carleigh is precious - her pics on ultrasound We never understand why....someday you can ask HIM....Take care,Patti and Dan

bobbi318 (cafemom) said...

Holly, I am one of those strangers whose live is touched by you & Carleigh's story. I know you through cafemom. My heart broke for you when you announced the diagnosis. I think any mother's heart gets heavy hearing news like this. No one ever knows how they'd deal with something until they have to face it. I honestly don't know that I could deal with things with your grace. You are an inspirational woman, despite the fact that it is not what you are trying to do. I follow all of your blogging, but I am a little behind.

I am a Christian & although I have always thought of myself as one, I found a renewed sense of religion after my 6 year old niece passed away. I am in awe at how you rely so heavily on your faith. It is the right thing, but not always the easiest I am sure.

I know that in my niece's short life, she touched more lives than we knew, many of them "strangers". She had a purpose, as does Carleigh. I will tell you once again, Carleigh is blessed to have you as her mommy. God knew what he was doing there!!!

Anonymous said...

I check this blog about every other day. I'm always thinking of you, Carleigh, and your family. I had no idea what anencephaly was until this and it's opened my eyes so much. Sometimes I cry when I read your blog and sometimes I am so filled with joy of all the amazing people who have helped you. As well as joy that you are carrying her and getting the chance to meet her. I find stories like yours heartbreaking, yes, but amazing and inspiring. What a special love you have for her! I know Carleigh is already a truly amazing person! Just like her Mommy :)!

I might not always comment, but I always check in on you all :)!


Anonymous said...

My Dear Sweet Holly--- I was thinking of you today and saying a prayer for MY LITTLE GIRL, you see you are so precious to me, as Carleigh is to you, (and Carleigh is to me also) I wish I could take away your pain, but I know this is a road we must all travel together and has hard as it is and it is going to be, we have each other and our faith and trust in the LORD to get us through. You are such an inspiration to others as I see it in what they write to you and it makes me cry when I see how you are having an impact on their lives. It gives your father and I joy knowing we raised you right in the church and leading you to the SAVIOUR!!!! It makes my heart leap with JOY when I read what others think of my LITTLE GIRL. I can not wait to see my new little grandaughter and tell her how much her grandma loves her and what a great mommy she has that she would do all she can for her. Like Uncle Buck says--The Love of a Mother.
All my Love to You and Anthony and my little Kyndra-----Mom Putnam

Jay and Emily said...


Before your blog, I had never been aware of anencephaly. When I first heard of Carlleigh's diagnosis I cried at the thought of the weight you must be bearing and all the emotions within you and Anthony. Your decision to carry Carliegh to term is one that may not always come so easily to most but I fully agree with and admire you for making. As it says in Psalm 139:13-16:

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be."

Carleigh was absolutely no mistake. Even though her life on earth may be a short one, praise God that there is the promise of eternal life and that you all will get to spend a far more wonderful life with her in eternity. You have been an inspiration to me on what it means to be a mommy! I will continue to keep you in my prayers as you carry on through this journey.

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