Thursday, March 31, 2011

2nd Birthday post #2

Below is the birthday card that I got for Carleigh from us. It’s always hard to find the right card because hardly any seem appropriate but I managed to find a really good one this year.

birthday card

I also got another card in the mail for Carleigh from my friend Betty. Thank you!


Sunday was prolly the hardest day of the weekend because of going to church. Church is always a place were emotions run higher for me. After we took communion I went to the altar and cried. Anthony came up and kneeled with me for a little bit and then I went back to my pew with Lainey. The rest of the day after that was tear free and more light. It was 2 years ago this day that I was in a hospital room hooked up to a Pitocin drip just waiting to meet my little girl. We waited anxiously all day and all night but she wasn’t born until 3:49 am on March 28th.

On Monday, Carleigh’s birthday, both Anthony and I were off of work. I had decided that I wanted us to go and do something as a family. When Kyndra went home with my mom and dad after the party of Saturday we thought of just staying home but I decided that we needed to go do something and enjoy ourselves for the day.

In preparation for this day, I had Franchesca make me 2 memory boxes that I could fill and present to the Mother Baby Unit at the hospital where Carleigh was born. It also happens to be the place that I work. I also found some bears that I bought and prepared too to donate in her memory. In the memory boxes I put a lavender candle, a disposable camera, a card/bag to put a lock of hair, a card/bag that has a baby ring (with Carleigh’s handprint on the card), and a small heart with a tear drop that can be removed. I figured the families could use this by putting the tear drop with their baby (whether in a casket or urn) and keep the heart with them. We were given something very similar to this and it was nice. Ours was a small heart and a larger heart.

011 The memory boxes on Carleigh’s blanket

012 The items I put in the memory boxes

013 The bears I made up to donate.

017 I included a card in the boxes for the families that will receive them. ( I ended up putting the date on the card after I had already taken the picture.)

After we got around we went to the hospital. I went to the department where I work first so that I could get my bff Lindsey and have her come with us to take pictures. I forgot my camera in the car so she had to take pics with her cell phone.

We stopped by the memorial quilt first and got our picture taken by Carleigh’s name. While we were doing that, the manager of the unit, Mandie, came out and greeted us. I presented her with a box of all the items (which also included 3 Dreams of You memory books I received from Kelly to give to the unit). She asked if I wanted to say hi to all the nurses and of course I wanted to!

IMAG0068 IMAG0080

It was nice to see some of the nurses on the unit. And my nurse, Erin, who was there when Carleigh was born was there! It was good to see her that day. And I saw my postpartum nurse, Michaela, the last time I visited the unit just a couple weeks earlier.

All the nurses loved the stuff we donated and were so glad for all of it. I’m so glad for the opportunity to help other families who are grieving. And to think that I prolly never would be doing any of this had it not been for my daughter…

IMAG0074 IMAG0075IMAG0077

After our visit at the hospital we got on the road and headed to the Creation Museum. I’ve been wanting to visit for such a long time now so it was a little extra special to go on Carleigh’s birthday. The museum was so neat and I loved it. We definitely want to go back and take Kyndra with us so we made a point not to see everything.

022 024

After the museum we stopped at a little candy/ice cream shop that was so quaint and cute called Agalamesis Bro’s! I guess they’ve been around since 1908 and they had some good ice cream. Their red raspberry sorbet was quite good! I also got some vanilla caramels and they were so yummy!


After a long day we went home and just rested. Later in the evening I got on the computer and I watched a couple of Carleigh’s videos. I haven’t seen any of them in 2 years. Watching the videos really brought the memories back and I couldn’t believe how much had faded from my memory. I’m so glad we have those videos. What I really wanted to do was just reach out and touch her through the screen. If only that were possible.

Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven, Carleigh! You are still so loved and missed every single day!


Jen said...

What a beautiful way to honor and remember your daughter!

Betty said...

I think of you every time I break down in church. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who does that!

I'm so glad that Carleigh's birthday was a good day for you! We are fast approaching Nessa's one year...well I dont know what you would call it, but it hurts. It's great that you guys were able to get out and do something as a family, plus donating your boxes and bears to the sweet!

Kim @ Peace of my Heart said...

Sundays are hard days for me, too.

Kristen's 2nd birthday is approaching, and I've been thinking about what we should do this year. I love what you did to remember Carleigh. Thank you for sharing.

Hugs to you,

Bree said...

Sounds like such a nice day, Holly. I love the idea of donating the memory boxes. Thinking of Carleigh.

Amy von Oven said...

Your right, church seems to be where the emotions seem to flow. Everything just looks perfect. I am so happy everything went just as you guys wanted it too. You look like you made memmories you will NEVER FORGET! You did such a great job. I think I am in denial. I can't stop thinking about Bethanys 2nd birthday, it is about a month away, and I still don't know what we are doing...

Jessica said...

What beautiful memory boxes! Carleigh must be smiling down :)

Mary said...

What a wonderful thing to do for Carleigh's birthday. Wow.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful birthday celebration in honor of Carleigh.
The card you bought for her was perfect. The gifts for the hospital were very special and the bears are adorable. I'm glad you decided to go out to the museum and not stay home. Take care and God Bless.

Mattie said...

How special! The boxes are precious and I really loved that you have copies of Carleigh's handprints on the cards!

TanaLee Davis said...

what a nice and unique way to honor you baby girl.
thank you for sharing the pictures I enjoyed them.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Carliegh's card is perfect...right down to the stars and the purple. Perfect...and beautiful. I love the words, too. Sounds like a lovely are such an awesome, giving person. Isn't the Creation Museum awesome! I loved it!

New Year Mum said...

You've done such amazing work for other grieving families in Carleigh's memory... love and thoughts to you over her birthday week xoxo

Sarita Boyette said...

That card is so perfect for Carleigh! You planned such a beautiful day - the memory boxes & bears, the trip to the museum, just getting out for the day. I understand about crying in church - my heart always becomes more tender, too, and sometimes tears are shed. The Lord knows & understands.

Natasha said...

How beautiful! Such a great way to spend her special day. Sending lots of peace your way! I know Carleigh is so proud of you!!!

Caroline said...

So Awesome So much beauty all from a precious little life ~ Carleigh.I know she is proud of you.
Church is a hard place for me too.

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