Monday, August 23, 2010

New Flowers & Happy Birthday August babies

On Sunday after church we went out to the cemetery to give Carleigh some new flowers. Her summer flowers were looking pretty faded (although you might not be able to tell by the pics) and I would've liked to wait a little longer to put some new ones up but I didn't want sad looking flowers to stay up there for several more weeks. So I went ahead and put in her fall flowers, which is an arrangement that my mom gave me on Carleigh's birthday to use for her. (And I just got some more from her over the weekend!)

The day was warm and a little overcast but the sun did peek through a couple times. We took a balloon with flowers on it out to the cemetery too to release for babies who had August birthdays. Kyndra was all about releasing the balloon "to the sky" until it actually started floating away. Then she got upset because she wanted it back.

So here are some pics from our visit and of the balloon release. I kinda look a little grumpy in the flower pics but I assure you I wasn't! I think I was just concentrating or something.

Happy Birthday to those babies who have birthdays in August.

Grace Isabelle~ August 1, 2009
Isaiah Christopher ~ August 3, 2008
Lily Angeline ~ August 3, 2008
Andrew Ryan ~ August 7, 2009
Cayden Cooper ~ August 8, 2009
Russell Elliot ~ August 10, 2009
Kelsey Peace ~ August 11, 2009
Bryson Cole ~ August 12, 2009
Emma Jane & Chase Smith ~ August 12, 2009
Reese Catherine ~ August 13, 2009
Hope Angel ~ August 19, 2008
Isabella Denise ~ August 21, 2008
Nevaeh Grace ~ August 25, 2009
Madelyn Rebecca ~ August 28, 2009
Gloria Grace ~ August 29, 2006
Ezra Malik ~ August 30, 2008

I apologize if I have forgotten anyone. Please leave a comment or email if I have and I would be glad to add your baby's name to the list. Also, this may possibly be the last month I am able to release a balloon. While I'll still be remembering all the babies who have birthdays it may not be possible for me to get out and get a balloon to release depending on when Carleigh's little sister decides to make her appearance.


Jus and Kat said...


What a beautiful thing you do for other parents with your monthly balloon release, so sweet and so thoughtful!

Thank you! And Happy Birthday August angel babes!

Karin said...

Holly, your blog was one of the first I found after my second miscarriage, and it has filled me with such inspiration. I appreciate how you so willingly share all you have learned through your journey with Carleigh, and reach out to other mamas who need support. You are a blessing to me and so many others.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I love that you are blessing these families by remembering their sweet babies. Such a kind and loving thing to do...not that I'm surprised...that's who you are.

Beautiful pictures, as always....
Kyndra is so cute...she just makes me smile. =)

The Blue Sparrow said...

Beautiful flowers & balloon! Happy Birthday to all the sweet August babies out there! ;p

Sarita Boyette said...

The balloon release for August babies is so heartwarming and a sweet thing for you to do. I love Carleigh's flowers - your Mom is so thoughtful to help out with them. My mom put out flowers for Meredith several times but her health wasn't good so she didn't get to do it much.
I love Kyndra's dress and how she always gives her love to Carleigh.
The look you have is one I know well - a look of concentration! Our son Adam has had that look ever since he was born.He was always very smart. He is a structural engineer now and we call it the "engineering" look!

croleyc69 said...

You are such a blessing to do this for so many. I love the flowers and Kyndra is so cute. I love how she looks at Carleigh marker and always touches it. You can just see the love in all those wonderful pics.


Michelle Karr said...

Beautiful flowers!! Thank you for remembering everyone!

Jill said...

Such lovely flowers! Thanks for including my babes on your birthday wish list. xx

Lori said...

Beautiful. Poor little Kyndra...wanting it to be in Heaven and then realizing that meant it was gone from her...I can sort of relate.

Cecilia said...

I love Carleigh's new flowers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for remember Madelyn on your happy birthday list. You are so amazing to do what you do. xoxo

Debby said...

Carleigh's spot looks beautiful. I have seen her stone before but didn't realize the size, it's really very nice.

elena said...

I always love seeing the flowers you put up for Carleigh.

Kyndra's dress is so pretty.

Kari said...

What a nice post in honor of the August born babies.

Those photos were great. The ones of Kyndra right in front of the headstone are beautiful!

You look GREAT!

Funny about the balloon - she was excited then sad and wanted it back! Very cute!

brigette said...

Her flowers are beautiful! You are so sweet to remember the babies and their birthdays. Simply amazing

Trennia said...

Carleigh's headstone looks so nice (((HUGS)))

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