Saturday, August 07, 2010

Just the happenings

Things have been pretty good around these parts. On July 28th it was 16 months but I honestly didn't even think about it until 2 days later. Then it was like, "Oh yeah, we just passed the 28th again...." I'm actually kinda glad that the day doesn't have so much of a hold every month like it used to. Seems like once we passed her first birthday I was able to relax and enjoy things more. Still miss her every day and always will. Just the other night we watched her NILMDTS slideshow that I made and I think it got to Anthony a little bit (unless he just had something in his eye). This may sound weird but I'm glad to know that he still misses her as much as I do.

My butterfly bush is blooming wonderfully and we've had lots of butterflies this year. I was able to snap a pic of a big one like a week ago. I've even spotted a few praying mantises, which is great because I didn't see many last year.

I had intentions of planting flowers in Carleigh's corner this year but it never happened. Prolly just as well since it isn't easy for me to bend over and pull weeds. Anthony sprayed some weed killer in all the flower beds and it's done a really excellent job of keeping the weeds away thank goodness. They were bad there for a while. Perhaps next year I'll finally get around to planting her some flowers. And after Anth hacked up my weeping cherry over her spot last year I'm glad to see that it has grown in pretty well. Although it would have been nice to see more blooms on it in the spring. It's always so pretty then. I can tell you he's not trimming it up again this year!!

I haven't been out to visit Carleigh in a month. It doesn't seem like it's been that long already but it has. I think in September I'll put some new flowers up for her. Some fall ones. Maybe after church this Sunday if it is nice out then we can go for a visit.

I had the privilege of meeting a blog friend 2 Fridays ago. Well, actually I met her before I had even seen her blog so that was a first! Erin contacted me and I found we don't live very far from each other and she asked if we could meet up and I thought it was a great idea. I always enjoy meeting blog friends IRL. It was different for me this time because I didn't really know much about Erin besides what we had emailed but we had a great time and conversation (and I had some good Chinese food!). She's really a nice and pleasant person to be around! Stop by and say hi to her! :) You can also read about her precious daughter Rosalynn.

October is coming quickly and I'm sure many in the babyloss community are aware that it is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness month with October 15th being Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Last year I did some giveaways and this year I'd like to do some again. I already have some ideas but was interested in hearing anybody's thoughts on what might be a neat giveaway or what you would love to win if you were to enter. And if you know of any great sales or discount codes I would love to know about them!


butterflymom said...

Glad you've been having some good gives me hope that each day will get easier. Our babies will never be will just be different, and possibly, easier.

Mary said...

Holly I love your butterfly bush! What a great idea to plant one!

I don't have any ideas on a giveaway, but I know I will always remember it is Infant Loss Day because Adelle died on the 15th.

Karin said...

Until I read your post, I hadn't even thought about how close October is!

It sounds like you've been having lots of good days lately! There is something to be said about things just taking time.

Kristi said...

Glad things are going so well! Sounds like your pretty buisy this summer too! I just love seeing butterflies! Seems like every time I am thinking of Jordan, a little butterfly flies around :)

Lilly's Mom (Desiree) said...

praying for you! :) i love the butterfly bush!

Just Breathe said...

The butterfly bush is lovely. I know how much you miss and love Carleigh but it's nice to hear that you have some peace within your also. ((HUGS))

Sarita Boyette said...

Glad you got to meet a new friend! Your bush is beautiful, and so was the butterfly It looked like a swallowtail butterfly.
Always remembering Carleigh with you....

Jennifer Ross said...

Beautiful butterfly bush. I couldn't imagine pulling out weeds and being that far along in pregnancy. You're right, you can do it next year.

I'll bet it was fun to meet somebody new in the blog world! We have some really good chinese food here too.... hint,hint.... for next time you're up! lol We'll definitely have to spend some time talking without little boys going crazy with the city's sprinkler systems! lol

I'll bet Carleigh can't wait for her newest little sister to be born! :)

croleyc69 said...

Your butterfly bush is beautiful Glad your doing better on that day. I will always remember Carleigh forever with you. I bet next yr you will have some beautiful flowers. So glad you got to meet another person from blogland.


Lori said...

The bush is really beautiful! Mine hasn't done so fabulously this year with the heat!

I forgot we share 28ths...funny how sometimes they loom and sometimes they seem to creep up out of nowhere, huh?

Kari said...

Your butterfly bush is awesome. We use to have one and I loved having all the butterflies around!

I agree with the pulling weeds. When I was pregnant. We have beautiful weed gardens at our house - hehe!

I got your email about the 'lotion eater'. Haha! At least it's not toxic, right???

Stephanie said...

Love your butterfly bush. I know exactly what you mean about after passing the 1st yr you can relax and enjoy things. I have Vayden's pics up all over the house and when I look at them now I don't get sad or even upset, I just look at them as there is my son.

Lori said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading about Megan. Your Carleigh is beautiful!

Cecilia said...

I love that you have a garden for Carleigh, I've always loved butterfly bushes. Once we move this hopefully final time I would love to do something similar. The 28ths have gotten easier for me too, I still have my moments, but I don't feel my body cringe as we get towards the date (if that makes sense).

It sounds like you've had a busy but wonderful summer!

elena said...

I love your butterfly bush! Definitely given me an idea to plant once we get a house (hopefully soon). I've been MIA for a little bit. I wanted to email that I was thinking of you on the 28th. I hope that once Lilly's year passes, I will be where you are

Trennia said...

Love the butterflly bush too!
Glad your having some good days too, you deserve them :)

Rebekah said...

The days seemed better for me after the one year mark passed too. I think not having any more firsts without him helped. I'd made it through each of the holidays once, I could do it again (not that they're easy but I know I'll make it).

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