Monday, April 25, 2011

Heaven IS for real

My friend Kristin sent me the book Heaven is for Real to read after I told her that I had been wanting to read it. I had seen a video about the book and it just intrigued me. I know a lot of people have a fascination with Heaven. Does it exist? What will it be like? I have read 90 Minutes In Heaven and really liked that book so I figured I would like this one too. I was wrong. I loved this one. There's just something about it being from a child's point of view that makes it that much more real.

It's hard for me to put into words overall how I feel about this book because it moved me so much. One of the parts of the book that stood out to me the most was when Colton said, "Yeah, she said she just can't wait for you and Daddy to get to heaven." (Referring to the sister his mom lost through miscarriage.) I have always hoped that my children know about me in Heaven and this has shown me that they do. They know about me and they love me and they can't wait until we are together again. Talk about pulling at my heartstrings!

Ever since Carleigh has been gone I have longed for Heaven in a way I never have before. I have never wondered as much about it as now. This book has given me a small glimpse into Heaven and for that I am thankful. This has definitely secured my belief that Heaven IS for real and that I can't wait to get there.


Kristin said...

I'm so glad you loved it. That part about the little girl who can't wait until her parents get there really moved me to tears too. I thought about my mom, who couldn't have children, but did miscarry once before I was adopted. It is so amazing to think that she is with her child in Heaven now! I just can't wait to get there either! It's going to be awesome!!

I agree, since it was from a child's point of view....someone who had no ideas about Heaven, and to see that what he saw there is exactly what we have heard, it really made me believe that we have no reason to wonder if it will be like what we think.

When you read stories like these (I also loved 90 Minutes in Heaven), it's hard to understand how some people don't believe in Heaven.

Melissa said...


Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I've been wanting to read that book, too. Really looking forward to getting a copy myself. And, now even more after reading your thoughts. I'm like you...I think having some "treasures" in heaven does that...makes us long for it and wonder about it even more. Oh...what a glorious day it will be.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

I liked 90 Minutes in Heaven, too.

Anonymous said...

I definitely want to read this as well.

Malory said...

I have been wanting to read that as well. I may just pick it up now.

elena said...

This book title was just recently brought to my attention. This past week in fact, I can not wait to go out & get it so I can read it and hope to pass it on to others who might want to read it.

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