Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm pregnant!

I'm sure most of my friends know this by now but I wanted to write about it.

I found out on August 10 that I was pregnant with #2. We had been trying since June so it only took a month this time! Kyndra is 7 months so I figure w/ my due date being April 17, 2009 they should be about 16 months apart. I was very excited when I found out and I immediately told Anthony. He was mowing the lawn at the time so I stopped him and had him come to me and then I pulled the test out from behind my back and said we're gonna have a baby! I saw him smile. :) I called my bff and my sister and told them but we waited to tell our parents. I was gonna have a onesie made for Kyndra that said I'm gonna be a big sister and then see how long it took them to figure it out but I would've had to have it made so I just ended up telling them. My mom was excited and so was my dad. My mother-in-law was surprised! I've already declared my pregnancy at work and am taking precautions to lower my radiation exposure. I'm trying to inject and scan less patients.

I had my first OB appt yesterday and it went well. They took my BP (98/60), pulse, and weight (109). Peed in a cup and then went to my room to wait for my dr. My dr and I briefly went over my medical and family history since nothing has changed. We also talked over my last pregnancy and chit chatted some. I go to an office where it is just my dr and a few staff so I know them all pretty well. We went over not eating certain kinds of fish and other things to avoid. She also suggest the cystic fibrosis screening (which I declined my 1st pregnancy) and an AIDS test. Went ahead w/ the AIDS test but will decide w/ Anthony whether to do the CF screen. She also mentioned doing a nuchal scan around 11-13 weeks but that it is optional for me. She just recently started offering this hence why I wasn't offered it w/ my 1st pregnancy. She said it is something that may become standard. I wouldn't be able to do it at the hospital I work so I would have to either go to Dayton or Cincinnati to get it done. Anthony and I will discuss that too.

She did the routine pelvic and breast exams. Checked my eyes, mouth, and palpated my thyroid. She didn't do a Pap since I just had one like 6 months ago but did do the STD check and strep B. They drew about 5 vials of blood for tests. So far everything looks good! I have an US scheduled for Sept 2 to check dates. We are both pretty sure on my due date but I have irregular periods so she just wants to be sure. My next appt will be Sept 17.


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